Einstein Bot Customer Spotlight: Pearson Education

December 10, 2018
NeuraFlash Team

Pearson Education: Trailblazing with Bots Across Service

Salesforce Einstein Bots were a hot topic this year and will continue be a hot topic into the new year.  

With productivity off the charts, the Einstein Bot is helping brands from all industries and sizes start their AI journey today.

Recently, Pearson Education in partnership with NeuraFlash, launched of one of the most advanced implementations of the Einstein Bot to date.

Within just a few weeks of go live, Pearson Education achieved

  • 50% self service for customer service
  • 25% Reduction in Average Handle Time for their support agents
  • An improved CSAT score

These results were highlighted in a webinar and two Dreamforce presentations!

Didn't see the webinar or catch them at Dreamforce?
Watch the recorded webinar here.

*Note: you will have to register to see the webinar.*

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