Salesforce Einstein for Developers

November 17, 2016
Kartik Viswanadha

It’s that time of the year where everyone will be looking forward to surprise gifts.Well, for Developers like me, what would be more rewarding than to know what Salesforce Einstein can provide us with? For all those who want to know more, here is my take on the platform and maybe this will be the surprise gift for many wanting to play around with Einstein.


If you haven’t heard about Prediction I/O, you are definitely up for a roller coaster ride. This is the brains behind Salesforce Einstein Prediction models and services. What does this mean for Developers? Well, it means a lot, first off, because it is all open source. You can find it licensed under Apache’s open source and all the details including the documentation can be found here.


There are many use-cases in which you can use PredictionIO to develop some really cool applications. Many models and examples are provided on their website, but some of the most common ones that come to my mind when I think about Salesforce are:• Best Next Step for Customers• Understanding Customer’s needs at the right time• Recommend next best offer• Recommend next best actions to agents and predict when things could go wrong


Well, another company recently acquired by Salesforce, Metamind, is focused on Deep Learning and specifically towards Image Classifications & Recognitions. PVS has some APIs that can be used to integrate with Salesforce or even with other technologies like Node to build your own Classifications or Models or to use in order to identify the classifications of existing images. Here is the link to the APIs.


Image Classification is a use-case by itself, and application of the concept can be done literally at any company, small or big. The most common classification examples include:• Product Recognitions• Medical Imaging• Cross-sell based on images.


For now, these are the two technologies from Salesforce that are available as open source for Developers, but definitely watch out for more in the coming Salesforce releases. My team at NeuraFlash is already helping customers design and implement these concepts – exciting!Also, look out for future blogs from me and the team at NeuraFlash to learn more about A.I. and Einstein bots.Happy Coding & Happy Learning!!!

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