Why your Contact Centers Need Chatbots: They Increase Agent Productivity

March 13, 2019
NeuraFlash Team

We are back again for the next post in our “Why Your Contact Centers Need Chatbots” series. Last week we talked about the customer experience benefit a chatbot can bring to your organization from personalization, channels of preference and self-service. In case you missed it, read it here.

Reason Two, Chatbots Increase Agent Productivity and Efficiency.

When we speak to our current customers and other business owners, there are a handful of common success criteria that they want to see their businesses accomplish. I’m sure for some of you, they will sound familiar, maybe you are working on finding strategies to accomplish some of them right now.

Some of those key themes include:

  1. Case Deflection
  2. Reducing Average Agent Handling Time
  3. Improving Agent Efficiency
  4. Driving best in class and consistent service experiences

Leveraging a Salesforce Einstein bot solution can help businesses bring these to life.

In your service centers today, how many trivial/repetitive questions are your agents having to answer? Questions about order status, return policy, password resets, or hours of operation, to name a few.

My guess, depending on your what your business does, size and if you don’t have a chatbot solution, would be a lot. So, while your agents are being bogged down with simple questions, customers with complex or bad experiences are being forced to stay on hold for an average of 15 to 25 minutes on the phone!

Here's a typical use case that you may have experience in your lifetime...

Imagine a customer who recently bought a new pair of jeans from a new retailer. When the jeans arrived late they were not only the wrong size but also the wrong color. At this point, the customer is already frustrated. They call the retailer and end up waiting in a queue from anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes until they finally get on the phone with a customer service representative. At this point, the customer has already invested a lot of time and energy getting the right pair reordered. This experience, may reduce the chance of this customer returning.

Long queue times are a barrier to great customer experiences and this is where a chatbot can help. Employing an intelligently designed conversational chatbot can help by handling high volume questions, deflecting cases from landing in your agents lap, and empowering your customers to self-service, allowing your agents to focus on the more complex questions.  

In the last post, we compared a chatbot to your agent’s personal secretary, taking this a step further view a chatbot as a junior customer service representative. They know the answers to a majority of questions but not all of them.They can gather the name and email of the customer, their order status, confirmation number and answer as many questions as they can. Then if the customer has a more complex question  the chatbot  cannot answer they can seamlessly transfer the customer to the appropriate agent. More than that, a intelligently designed chatbot can recognize frustration or anger and immediately transfer them to an agent.

Your agents are dedicated to great, quality customer service, and a conversational chatbot helps them deliver that experience over and over again.  

By deflecting cases and handling low complexity questions, a chatbot empowers your agents to prioritize the complex questions and experiences. They also collect the relevant information up front, allowing the agent to immediately serve the customer problem or question at hand. By leveraging the Salesforce Live Agent Console, an agent can see everything the chatbot and the customer talked about prior to escalation and pick up where they left off. Therefore, reducing the average agent handling time, increasing agent efficiency, changing bad experiences, and even finding opportunities for up-sell/cross-sell via Salesforce Next Best Action.

The key themes here have a large impact on the ROI a business can receive from deploying an intelligent chatbot solution, but we'll save that for next week! Check in with our social channels or back on the blog for the next and last post in our March "Why Wednesday" series.

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