Agent Experience Powered by AI

Give your agents the necessary tools & guides they need to provide a best-in-class customer experience and serve customers efficiently to reduce service costs.

Leverage AI to empower your Agents

Predictive Actions to Streamline the agent-customer experience

Next Best Action
Custom Recommendations: Query Data, Filter/Sort Propositions, Make Decisions, Record User Reactions to Recommendations
Cross-Sell & Upsell
The NeuraFlash NBA Journey
Work with you to identify and define the recommendations library (based on verticals, and businesses). Define strategies to surface recommendations at the right time to the right people.
Integrate your service channels (bots, Email2Case, Communities) with Next Best Actions via NeuraFlash’s NBA Lightning components. Optimize the recommendation based on NeuraFlash NBA Insights.
Einstein Case Classification
Use Einstein Case Classification to recommend or populate picklist and checkbox field values for new cases based on past data.
DigitalGenius Autopilot
DigitalGenius AutoPilot:
AutoPilot fully resolves repetitive support cases.
AutoPilot uses AI to understand questions and intelligently connects them with back-end systems and processes to fully resolve customer support queries.
DigitalGenius CoPilot:
CoPilot is AI support for your support team.
By auto-classifying cases and suggesting correct answers, CoPilot helps agents improve accuracy, reduce case handling time and double their productivity.
Get closer to a vision of a Universal Agent
With an AI powered Service Cloud Console, leverage expertise and best practices in designing an elegant service cloud console powered by AI for your agents

Go from Toggling Screens, Cluttered UIs, and Error-Prone Manual Processes to a one screen, AI enhanced interface with a 360 historical view of the customer.
Home Grown Solutions
Multiple Tabs
Lots of Sticky Notes
Copy & Pasting
Multiple Data Sources
Before After
Service Cloud
Elegant User Interface
One Screen
360 Historical View of Customer
Seamless AI Integrations
Customized solutions
Case Management
Neuraflash leverages the latest and greatest Salesforce tools such as, Omni-Channel to ensure cases make their way to the right agents with the right skills to support your customers.
Lifecycle Management
We will work closely with your team to ensure we capture all of the applicable business requirements to support your case lifecycle. Neuraflash takes a “success metrics first” approach where we will evaluate your success criteria at the start of the project and make sure it is applied directly into our design. Our goal is to provide your customers the best possible experience and make sure your executive team has the visibility and reporting they need to run the business.
SLA Compliance
Salesforce Entitlements and Milestones can be leveraged to make sure SLA’s are consistently met on cases coming through any channel. Additionally, we will help stand up the appropriate SLA compliance reporting to make sure no cases fall through the cracks.

Connected Agent Experience

Unified Agent Desktop connecting offshore-onshore and CTI integrations to help streamline agent efficiency and unification of the entire contact center.

Out of the Box Service Cloud
Reports & Dashboards

We have in house experts with the appropriate business acumen, to intelligently set up the simple reports that come with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Go beyond simple reporting with Einstein Analytics. Leverage custom dashboards tailored to your contact center KPIs.

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