Field Service Lightning Industry Packages

To better serve you, we've created custom packages for the major industries we work with. Add resource management and scheduling capabilities to any package.
Asset Management
Manage Maintenance Activities and Equipment Health within Salesforce/FSL

Connected Devices

Break-Fix, Install and Maintenance Management

External Integrations to ERP Systems

Inventory Management and Control

Utilizing the Salesforce Platform to visualize and automate the entire Customer Lifecycle from the initial Sale to Preventative Maintenance Activities post Install

Track Capacity and Scheduling of Manufacturing Equipment
Professional Services
Utilize Field Service Lightning’s Scheduling and Optimization logic to Manage Resource and Capacity Planning

Dynamically scheduling teams of Resources with varying skill sets

Tracking Utilization and Capacity at the Resource or Team level

Enable self service customer appointment booking coupled with intelligent, truth based operational insights

Leverage Salesforce and FSL to track Project Planning and Health, utilizing the intelligent, nimble features of the platform to visualize the entire lifecycle of the Customer Journey
Utilize Salesforce and Field Service Lightning from Lead Generation to spawning of Work Orders

Manage Projects and Crews within a single Application

Track, Serialize and Dispatch Equipment to locations

Utilize the FSL Scheduling and Optimization Platform to scheduling individual technicians, crews, or equipment for daily or multi-day work

Create complex chains of appointments and work orders utilizing the breadth of the FSL Platform
Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Leverage Salesforce CPQ and FSL to automate complex pricing logic during the Sales or Service Contract Quoting Process

Spawn and track Service Contracts and Warranties at the Customer, Manufacturer or Product Level

Track Serialized Components, RMAs,

Inventory Management and Control

Utilize IOT and Connected Devices to enable intelligent and proactive field service
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