NLP Conversational ChatBots for Salesforce

Welcome to the Future

Conversational interfaces are here to stay. When using automation or self-service, customers want to interact with interfaces that are natural and intuitive, adapting to them and avoiding design constraints. Whether on the web or in a messaging channel, an NLP powered Conversational Chatbot from NeuraFlash works across channels and assists customers. Regardless if you choose to use the Salesforce Einstein Bot or the NeuraFlash Chatbot, we are the right partner to get the most out of this exciting technology.

Salesforce Einstein Bot®

The Salesforce Einstein Bot® is an exciting new product that provides a conversational chatbot fully integrated with Salesforce Live Agent. It greets your customers, answers their questions, and can even retrieve customer information. The interface utilizes the same Live Agent snap-in currently available, and offers a seamless escalation path to a representative when needed. NeuraFlash is the go-to partner for all Salesforce Einstein Bot® implementations, with over a decade of Chatbot experience. Please inquire about our risk-reward program, and look out for our Bot Starter Kits (available soon in the Salesforce AppExchange).


NeuraFlash Chatbot for Salesforce

If the Salesforce Einstein Bot® is not able to meet your requirements today, the NeuraFlash Intelligent Chatbot for Salesforce offers a complimentary enterprise class solution (available in the AppExchange). It provides a robust set of features, and supports all digital channels including web, mobile, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and SMS. We leverage the top NLP engines including Google DialogFlow, Amazon Lex, and IBM Watson which allows us to support up to 25 languages. The solution is fully integrated with Salesforce Live Agent, LiveMessage, and Knowledge, and offers a full migration to the Salesforce Einstein Bot® when/if you want to move.


Improve Customer Enagement

Our team at NeuraFlash is experienced in designing, training, implementing, and optimizing conversational ChatBots across digital channels – web, chat, voice, messaging, and mobile. We use the top A.I. ChatBot Frameworks and utilize best practices in dialog design, data science, usability study, and NLP to create intelligent solutions that successfully automate customer interactions.