AI-powered ChatBots for Salesforce

Welcome to the Future

Conversational interfaces are here to stay. When using automation or choosing to self-serve, customers want to interact with interfaces that are natural and intuitive, adapting to them rather than the customer adapting to the technologies’ constraints. Whether on the web or in a messaging channel, an Artificial Intelligence powered Conversational Chatbot from NeuraFlash works across channels and assists customers.

Automate Customer Service

Not all Salesforce ChatBots are created equally. A large number of bots in the market today are rule-based, not leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities. In other words, any task more than a simple interaction is impossible for them. NeuraFlash works with leading A.I. Bot platforms capable of understanding Natural Language and engaging in complex dialogs, resulting in more intuitive conversations, better experiences, and higher rates of success.

Salesforce Einstein®

Salesforce Einstein® is adding A.I. using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP capabilities across all Salesforce Cloud Platforms. ChatBots are complementary to Salesforce Einstein®, providing a conversational interface to the Salesforce’s Platform, Knowledge and CRM data. Our ChatBots integrate seamlessly with Salesforce by transferring the bot transcripts real-time to humans using Salesforce. By passing the info, we can power real-time “Next Best Offer/Action” using PredictionIO.

Service Cloud Chatbots

Sales and Service ChatBots can be deployed for several missions and within many channels, including on a website or a Community Site site to help customers locate info, on a Web Chat to answer customer questions, provide self-service, and assist with advanced routing, or in a messaging to automate conversations and engage with customers.

Salesforce ChatBot Integration

Just like customer service agents, ChatBots need information to effectively converse and serve. NeuraFlash has developed ChatBot integrations with Salesforce, so Bots have access to rich customer information, contextual data of a customer’s recent activity to personalize the conversation, and capabilities to seamlessly bring a live agent into the conversation.

Improve Customer Enagement

Our team at NeuraFlash is experienced in designing, training, implementing, and optimizing conversational ChatBots across digital channels – web, chat, voice, messaging, and mobile. We use the top A.I. ChatBot Frameworks and utilize best practices in dialog design, data science, usability study, and NLP to create intelligent solutions that successfully automate customer interactions.