Salesforce Einstein Cloud

Embark on your AI Journey.
When implementing Einstein Cloud products, you don’t just need Salesforce consultants. You need AI experts who understand how this platform works at its core. Building out any part of the Einstein Cloud is challenging to do it on your own, it takes a team staffed with developers, business analysts, data architects, and AI experts. Here at NeuraFlash we aren't just Salesforce consultants, we are AI experts.
Einstein Discovery
Discover Insights: Find opportunities hidden in your data
Identify significant patters and trends you can act on.
Understand your customers in a whole new way. Analyze customer interactions with your Business across all touch points.
Embed AI-powered assistance right where it's needed.
Einstein Prediction BUilder
Leverage Data to Anticipate the Unexpected
Know more and guess less with Einstein AI. Predict which leads will convert, which articles will help resolve service questions and more.
Impress every customer with a personalized experience. Leverage historical information available at your fingertips.
Anticipate customer actions based on their behavior
Einstein Next Best Action
Deliver the right recommendations at the right time with AI
Ensure that employees always know what to do next.
Point your customers in the right direction
Easily build next-step strategies with clicks, not code.
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