Branding Usage & Guidelines

General Scope

for print
for web & screens
Don't Stretch
keep ratios
Don't change colors
keep brand colors
Don't use similar color background
Use single color logo variations, or a different color background
Vector Files
Transparent Background
Web Usage
When possible, use SVG for websites


Primary A
C51 M0 Y19 K0
R38 G246 B255
Primary B
C75 M57 Y0 K0
R75 G112 B196
Primary Gradient
Primary B to Primary A
145 degree
Secondary A
C66 M9 Y3 K0
R55 G181 B226
Secondary B
C77 M67 Y62 K72
R27 G32 B36
Secondary C
C47 M39 Y39 K3
R142 G142 B142
Secondary D
C74 M53 Y0 K0
R78 G116 B185
Secondary E
C62 M91 Y0 K0
R133 G25 B184

(set opacity to 75% when overlaying images)
Secondary F
C72 M35 Y0 K0
R44 G145 B229
Secondary G
C64 M0 Y67 K0
R49 G218 B137

(set opacity to 70% when overlaying images)
Secondary H
C93 M64 Y1 K0
R7 G98 B173
Secondary I
C76 M56 Y0 K0
R50 G118 B243
Secondary Gradient
Secondary A to Secondary E
145 degree

(set opacity between 50-75% when overlaying images
Additional Settings

Sometimes a saturation of 180% is set on overlay of images or backgrounds to brighten images


Font Family
Montserrat Black
Montserrat Extra Bold
Montserrat Bold
Montserrat Semi Bold
Montserrat Medium
Montserrat Regular/Normal
Montserrat Light
Montserrat Extra Light
Montserrat Thin

Additional Notes


Logo was not created by Aleberry. For file types etc, you will need to request from internal NeuraFlash team.