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Sales Engagement (formerly High-Velocity Sales) & Service Cloud Voice

Quickly deploy a solution that will maximize sales reps efficiency & performance by leveraging Service Cloud Voice, powered by Amazon Connect!
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Field Service
Sales Engagement (HVS) + Service Cloud Voice, powered by Amazon Connect
More. Time. Selling. Isn’t that the goal?
Leverage a product that will accelerate sales velocity and reduces technical debt.
Integrating telephony to the sales process seemed far-fetched, but now it's achievable.
Current solutions that aim to connect sales reps to their prospects lack the ability to leverage native Salesforce features that maximize your investment and bring value, including 360-view of interactions, consolidated voice, and contact data, robust reporting, and analytics to track sales performance in real-time.
NeuraFlash brings the best of Sales Engagement and SCV together.
What can Sales Engagement and SCV bring your business?
User Experience
Manage Call Workflows within Omni-Channel
Power an intuitive and data-rich screen-pop of all relevant prospect data
User Experience
Integrate between the voice experience and the cadences sales representatives are leveraging
Gain insight into powerful analytics
Bring together the best of
Sales Engagement & Service Cloud Voice
Drive ACV and build pipeline.
Digital Automation

Our Digital Automation for Sales Engagement + SCV offers customers voicemail drop, allows sales reps to send SMS messages, and sales teams to drive an automated SMS bot conversation scheduling a callback time.

Agent Automation

Our Agent Automation for Sales Engagement + SCV offers next best action, knowledge article recommendations, and real-time sentiment scoring, all seamlessly connected to your sales cloud instance.

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Looking to get up and running fast? In partnership with Salesforce, we are offering a Quick Deployment Package.
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The best of HVS & SCV, all powered by Amazon Connect
We know service and we know sales. We’re here as technology & people experts to help you maximize your revenue and grow each aspect of your business.
AI Bots
Voicemail Drop
Don’t waste time when a prospect cannot answer the phone.
With this feature, all you need to do is Click ‘Voicemail Drop’ and let the system automatically leave a voicemail message to the prospect while your Sales agent reaches out to the next lead.
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SMS Drop
Drop an SMS message to your prospects.
If your eligible prospects don’t answer the phone, drop an SMS message to continue the conversation digitally at their convenience. Einstein Bot can even continue the conversation and schedule follow-ups even after hours.
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Experience Cloud
In Call Next Best Action
Give your agents the tools that bring great results
Drive Better outcomes by enhancing your Sales agents with Next Best Action while they are on a call
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Service Cloud Voice
Real-time Sentiment Analysis
Easily understand and visualize conversation sentiment
With this feature, you can track sentiment scores for reporting and use real-time tracking of Sales performance. Quickly identify where points of friction for customers may be with Sales agents in real-time.
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AI Bots
Ambient Knowledge
Use automation to help inform your agents, faster
Automatically search for knowledge articles in real-time using transcribed messages, giving your Sales Agents the data they need, right at their fingertips.
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AI Bots
Salesforce Visual Voicemail
Allow your prospects to connect, even when your agents can’t.
When your Sales agent cannot answer an inbound call from a prospect, easily allow them to leave a Voicemail instead. Manage the Voicemail and follow-up in Salesforce through Cadences to allow tracking of any callbacks.
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Field Service
Sales Insights
See all of your data
Track performance to measure your Sales agents, Cadences, and Sales outcomes!
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We help architect the rapid growth of your sales center, so you can focus on selling more.
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