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Amazon Lex

Use a fully managed artificial intelligence (AI) service with advanced natural language models to design, build, test, and deploy conversational interfaces in applications.
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Amazon Lex
A bot that will set you apart.
Use the power of Alexa to transform your business, add automation, power, consistent communication, and more with Amazon Lex!
A powerful bot, built on powerful technology, simplified.
Lifecycle Management Capabilities
Continue to make improvements & changes to your bot even after you deploy, creating smooth interactions & simplifying communications. 
One-Click Deployment
With Amazon Lex, you can easily publish your bot across multiple platforms directly from the Amazon Lex console!
Power of Alexa
Take advantage of Amazon Lex automatic speech recognition & natural language tool using the same technology that powers Amazon Alexa.
Enhanced Console
Amazon Lex is easier to use than ever, making it easier to build, deploy & adjust. With a simple information structure, you can effectively manage your bot versions. 
Natively Integrate with Amazon Connect
Amazon Lex natively integrates with AWS’ omnichannel cloud contact center; Amazon Connect allows your bots to handle questions over chat or phone!
Multi-Turn Conversations
Easily build multi-turn conversations with your bot, fill in the slots & parameters you want from users & Amazon Lex will do the rest! 
Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the telephony solution that you need.
Are you looking to migrate your legacy IVR to Amazon Lex?

No matter where you’re at in your journey, we can help you evaluate, implement and support the service center solution that you need. 

Have Nuance?

With a number of former leaders at Nuance, NeuraFlash is uniquely positioned to understand your needs and assist in your Nuance to Amazon Lex migration.  

Want to modernize with self-service?

We are experts in automation and building processes that reduce manual labor and are able to adjust and scale as you do. With powerful technology and a great partner, you can enable your customers to easily access information and more! 

Amazon Lex: Bots & Conversational AI
At NeuraFlash not only are we chatbot and voice bot experts but we have the teams to support it. With a dedicated team of conversational experience designers, speech scientists, and AWS developers, NeuraFlash brings you the confidence to ensure that your chatbot is built to add value from the start and drive results for the future
The Transformer
The Transformer
Building IVRs with speech recognition on legacy platforms is time-consuming and requires mature conversational AI resources. NeuraFlash provides a range of services to assist in migrating IVRs from legacy platforms to Amazon Lex, including Transformer, an IVR migration tool that offers support for GrXML files within Amazon Lex. Available today on the AWS Marketplace, Transformer accelerates the adoption of Amazon Lex by providing a simple way to migrate existing IVR flows into an Amazon Lex instance and Amazon Connect contact flows. Customers can quickly begin testing and deploying Amazon Lex bots, only paying for what they use.
Industry Grammars
Industry Grammars
Use industry grammars to quickly deliver a consistent end-user experience. Select from a number of prebuilt grammars for financial services, insurance, and telecom. Or take advantage of the generic set of grammars to help you start to build your own!
Voice, Chat & Social
Voice, Chat & Social
Use your Amazon Lex bot across multiple channels, streamlining your communication and providing a consistent experience to your customers, whether they contact you via voice, chat, or even social media. No matter your use case, Amazon Lex can help simplify and automate your processes. 
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We help you to build strategic roadmap for your organization.
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Change can be hard, but preparing your organization doesn't have to be! Our experts are ready to help.
Change Management
Want your solution to have a long lasting impact? Let us help you take your journey onward.
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