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Learn how your business can embrace the AI boom, and invest in the tools to get you to out of this world results.
Amazon Bedrock is a cloud-based service that offers access to Generative AI. It opens the door to cutting-edge AI models from different places, including AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Stability AI, and Amazon.
Sage Maker
Follow-up your most important Sales calls almost immediately with personalized emails and communication based on historical interactions.
Automatically summarize completed interactions and take action with automatic follow up, case submission, quoting or more!
TrAIlblazing Customers
Pearson, NeuraFlash & Salesforce looking forward and embracing Generative AI
"What we've seen over the last ten years +  where A.I. is being brought into the contact center, is improved productivity, efficiency, new and dynamic, ways to find information and expanding the capabilities of our people and our processes. "
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What can Einstein GPT and Generative AI do for your business? The possibilities are endless.  
The Sales Impact: EinsteinGPT for Sales

Effortlessly generate dynamic sales tasks, such as crafting personalized emails, arranging meetings, and thoroughly preparing for future interactions.

The future of personalized service: EinsteinGPT for Service

Generate personalized agent responses effortlessly by leveraging reliable CRM data. Streamline support interactions by summarizing them, saving valuable agent time, and creating knowledge articles from past case notes and more.

Unmatched Expertise
NeuraFlash has always been at the forefront of innovation As one of the first partners and now go-to partners to implement Einstein Bots as well as Service Cloud Voice, we continue to drive past business success in these new and emerging technologies!
NeuraFlash’s GPT practice will be spearheaded by Patrick Beyries, long-time Salesforce executive, creator of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice powered by Amazon Connect, and is the Head of Product at NeuraFlash. This team has built out multiple Generative AI accelerators, data models, and integrations to help customers implement generativeAI at a lower cost with less complexity.
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Generative AI amplifies your existing technology, what do you have today? As experts with deep rooted expeirence in automation through bots, service cloud voice, field service, sales and beyond we know the power of automation does not only exist with AI.
Lex Bots
Channels & more
Reduce Call Volume Routing
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