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Providing post-implementation enhancements and strategic recommendations.
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Managed Services
It’s not just about now. It’s about what’s next.
A project implementation is just the beginning of your journey. As business needs continue to change, our team of experts can help you make enhancements and strategize a roadmap to continue delivering a solution that works for you.
Transformation that drives real business outcomes
Flexible Partnership
Flexible partnership
Flexible Partnership Structure allows for changing priorities, based on your team’s needs. Onward can pivot as business needs evolve.
Every managed services project has a dedicated team led by your own onward champion backed by a team of SMEs and industry experts.
Data Driven
Data driven innovation
We are invested in ensuring each workstream, epic, and story are intentional and grounded in outcomes tied to your Success Criteria.
Strategic Partnership
Strategic partnership
A strategic partnership that allows us to build a roadmap together for future innovation and enhancements. It’s not just about the now, it’s about what’s next?
Custom strategies to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you ensure your solutions are being supported and managed successfully so that you can continue to maximize your ROI.
Net new to Salesforce and transitioning from a previous system?

Technology change may lead to changes in processes, structure, and behavior. Our NeuraFlash team aligns people, process, and technology to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Building on your exisiting Salesforce platform by adding functionality?

Change is complex. We've been on this journey countless times with our customers and guided them toward their goals.

Looking to better integrate, capture customer insights, and automate processes?

Look beyond today by better understanding what is possible and how we can achieve this together! No matter where you are in your journey to a better technology, our change management team can help tailor a roadmap for you.

Let us help you maximize your solution
So you can be one step closer to your end-state.
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When you continually invest in your solution, you maximize its impact.
A program designed to enable your long term success by maintaining and enhancing your solution throughout the evolving business landscape. NeuraFlash Onward provides flexibility with the right team at the right time to maximize the impact your solution.
Our Packages
Managed Services
Industry experts. Transformation experts. Technology experts.
At NeuraFlash, we help you navigate your future to ensure the continued success of your solutions.
Jeni Nguyen, Sr. Consultant
Jhad Katerji l Solutions Engineer
Your voyage starts now.
Using our experience across thousands of clients, our Managed Services team can help you to look at the big picture, build alignment, identify quick wins and develop an outcomes focused roadmap that will drive results.
Have a complex environment that needs maintaining?
Platform configuration, development, customization, and integrations
Insights, recommendations, and services from embedded NeuraFlash SMEs
Training and enablement for enhancements
Service Cloud Voice
Service Cloud Voice
What happens when Salesforce and Amazon go down?
Platform configuration, development, and customization
Insights, recommendations, and services from embedded NeuraFlash SMEs
Strategic roadmapping, sprint planning, and backlog creation/grooming
Proxy Support team
Digital Engagement
Digital Engagement
Expert opinions & best practices for long-term success
Development and configuration
Proximate Trend Analysis and Outcome/KPI/ROI Reporting
Integrated NeuraFlash Chatbot Insights package
Reporting, Dashboards, Analytics
Your Custom Solution
Your Custom Solution
Propel your success onward.
We recognize that every business has unique technology stacks that have already been built. At NeuraFlash we are here to support your continued success no matter you tech stack.
Services to propel you forward
Don't know where to start?
We help you to build strategic roadmap for your organization.
Advisory Services
Change can be hard but preparing your organization doesn't have to be! We have the experts ready to help.
Change Management
Transformations create business impact. Understand your outcomes, their impact and driving factors with our data-based approach.
Analytics and Insights
Ready to get started with your business transformation solution?
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Managed Services