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Taking your voice journey to the next level.
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Customer Service from anywhere.
Leverage cloud-based natively technology to power your virtual contact center.
Personalize and unify experiences with a native, intelligent telephony system.
Increase deflection Rates
Allow your agents to focus on more complex tasks by automating simple answers with Service Cloud Voice! Decrease the number of repetitive and easily searchable questions that are escalated to your agents.
Decrease agent handle time
Decrease your agent handle time by providing your agents with the necessary information they need to quickly solve customer cases, all within one single view.
Leverage omnichannel
By providing your agents with an omni channel view of all communication channels while assisting customers, there will be an increase in agent efficiency and quick service.
Enable the virtual agent

Agents now have access to better tools and insights, such as Einstein intelligence, to work efficiently from anywhere!

Provide personalization
By having a 360 degree view of the customer, your agent can personalize communication with the customer to tailor to their needs.
Decrease wait time
Reduce the amount of time your customers wait to talk to a live agent by utilizing a real-time view of the current call queue so you can see which agents are available.
Increase CSAT
Improve the customer experience by escalating the customer to the right agent the first time, while making sure they receive quick service.
Maximize agent efficiency
With top-notch reporting and detailed dashboards available within your Service Cloud Voice instance, you can better understand agent performance, track customer trends and set accurate targets.
Manage your contact center flow
Track your data in real-time, allowing for fast and accurate decision making to drive your business outcomes.
Manage the quality of your Contact Center with customizable agent grading criteria, automatic voice transcription and more, ensuring a smooth and consistent customer experience.
Outcomes we’ve seen
Decrease in Average Agent Handle Time
Increase in Agent Efficiency
Immediate Cost Reduction
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Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the telephony solution that you need.
Debating on migrating away from your existing cloud solution?

NeuraFlash has helped hundreds of customers migrate away from Five9, Nice inContact, and more to see immediate business impact.

Ready to optimize you contact center?

With Service Cloud Voice and Einstein intelligence, we have helped our customer's agents close cases faster, reduce escalation and more!

New to telephony and getting ready to scale?

NeuraFlash has helped customers prepare for future growth by implementing a telephony system that can scale.

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NeuraFlash & your SCV implementation
We help guide, implement and build best-in-class Service Cloud Voice solutions, powered by Amazon Connect. As innovators, we also offer our own suite of products to enhance your implementations. See why we are the best at what we do!
Virtual Wallboard for the Contact Center
Virtual Wallboard for the Contact Center
Real-Time visibility
Allow supervisors to gain real-time visibility into the most important metrics.
Configurable Metrics of Importance
Configure Time Horizon
Set SLAs for Green/Red Flagging
Voice Quality Gauge
Voice Quality Gauge
High-Quality clarity
Never drop a call and provide clear service
Customizable thresholds for network speed
Automatically run speed tests in the background
Ensure agents have a smooth connection to successfully assist customers
Visual Voicemail
Visual Voicemail
See who you’ve missed
Empower agents with embedded voicemails to manage call overflow
Automatic case creation from voicemail records
Messages are automatically transcribed and can pre-fill description fields
Agents can quickly service voicemail requests directly within Salesforce
Voice Insights
Voice Insights
Understand performance
Allow supervisors to track long-term KPIs to service customers more efficiently
Top Level Dashboards and detailed reports
Ability to track metrics and trends, and set targets
Allow supervisors to track long-term KPIs to service customers most efficiently
Sentiment Advisor
Sentiment Advisor
Understand your customer
Quickly evaluate & confirm your customer's sentiment
Understand and visualize conversation sentiment
Track sentiment scores for reporting and workforce management
Quickly indicate customer pain points in real-time
Ambient Knowledge
Ambient Knowledge
Provide accurate information
Quickly provide your customers with helpful information
Automatically search for knowledge articles in real-time using transcribed messages
Save agent time by integrating knowledge articles directly within Service Console
Customer Stories
Sonos uses Service Cloud Voice to transform customer service & commerce experiences
Sonos was looking to expand self-service capabilities of their current telephony system. By implementing Service Cloud Voice, powered by Amazon Connect, they decreased agent handle time and cost per contact. By leveraging our Essentials Package, we enhanced self-service for their customers.
Ocean Network Express reduces operational costs with Service Cloud Voice
ONE was looking for a native telephony solution to streamline team communications across all departments. By working with NeuraFlash, ONE gained access to a single 360-degree view of the customer across all channels and is surpassing the demands they had for internal metrics.
April Cornell tackles rapid ecommerce surge with Service Cloud Voice
During the pandemic, April Cornell saw a surge in online inquiries. Their legacy system did not provide them with a robust analytics platform to measure service performance, so they turned to Salesforce and NeuraFlash to implement Service Cloud Voice. They now handle 100% of cases within 24 hours.
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