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Asset Orbit

Your One-Stop Asset Management Solution Native to Salesforce
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Minimize Revenue Leakage and Maximize Efficiency

Asset Orbit works with Salesforce to enhance its asset capabilities and unite your business on a single, powerful, platform.
Increase in frontline worker productivity
Drive Revenue
Minimize leakage with accurate warranty coverage
Enhance Experience
Simplify the service experience
Operational Efficiency
Fix assets faster, the first time
Inform Strategy
Increased visibility to inform asset servicing strategies.
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Hear from Our Product Leaders

Tim Long
"Servitization has been a buzzword in asset-centric industries for years now, but few companies have made the transition. Asset Orbit, built on top of Salesforce Service and Field Service, gives our customers the tools they require to transform their operations from a product-centric focus to a services-based, outcomes-focused approach,”
Dane Peterson
"In the Salesforce landscape, the axiom has been 'Know Your Customer.' But for asset-centric companies, truly understanding your customer means understanding the performance of the assets they rely on. Asset Orbit bridges this gap, ensuring that as assets deliver, customer relationships thrive.”

Asset Orbit
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Asset Orbit by NeuraFlash


Your most asked questions - answered.

What asset management solutions does Asset Orbit offer?

Asset orbit offers, asset visualization, service process manager, return orders, depot repairs, warranty terms, product service campaigns

Does Asset Orbit work with more than just field service?

Yes! Asset Orbit is an asset management solution that works with Salesforce Field Service, Experience Cloud, and Service Cloud!

What Industries does Asset Orbit benefit?

As an asset management tool Asset Orbit works in a multitude of industries, some industries we see the highest impact in are: Discrete Manufacturing, HighTech Manufacturing, Med Device, HVAC & Asset Services, Facilities Management, and Equipment Rental.

What are some benefits businesses have seen from Asset Orbit?

Customers achieve the following benefits from Asset Orbit: better customer service experiences, decreased service revenue leakage, revenue acceleration, and an increase in productivity in the field

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