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Field Service

Optimize and satisfy, both in the office and in the field, with Salesforce Field Service.
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Field Service
Gain visibility into the field, from anywhere, at any time.
NeuraFlash is here to support your business schedule, optimize, and take advantage of automation to make managing your work as efficient as possible with Salesforce Field Service. Gain insight into your field tech’s status, location and more!
Simplify serving your customers faster by getting the right person on-site at the right time to do the right job.
Real-time visibility
See your tech's schedule and daily progress towards completion in real-time and make the most informed decisions.
Take advantage of automation
Schedule with accuracy and efficiency by taking advantage of advanced tracking and automatic scheduling that connects all of your data.
Optimize your schedule automatically to ensure that the right tech gets on-site at the right time, while decreasing your costs by picking the tech based on the customer's need.
Decrease drive time
Schedule the tech that is closest to the job, calculate drive-time between stops, and determine the most optimal route for each tech.
Create & manage work orders
Manage where, when, and how often a Field Tech needs to go onsite and see what previous work you have done for your customer.
Auto-generate work orders for your customers yearly, monthly, or even weekly check-ups or visits!
Routing optimization & scheduling
Make sure your field techs are on the right route at the right time and optimize their route using AI to find the best time and location based on multiple schedules, appointments and more!
Capture onsite information
Your techs can take photos of their work, create cases for any onsite issues and capture customers' signatures - all stored against the work order!
Track inventory
With the ability to log products that are utilized while on-site, and to capture serial numbers directly through the app, you can understand where your inventory is located, and leverage newly accessible data.
Have the right tech there the first time
Schedule the right tech for the customer so that the job can be done right the first time.
Make communicating easy
Alert customers when their tech is close, provide them with arrival time windows, and generate a service report that will include all of the details they need to see.
Provide white-glove delivery & home service
Provide the service your customer wants by having greater visibility into their preferences and needs, leading to a higher customer satisfaction rate.
Outcomes we’ve seen
Reduction in agent time spent on customer support
Reduction in manual processes
Increased utilization of field technicians
See Where We’ve Seen These Outcomes
Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the service center solution that you need.
Ready to increase your operational efficiency?

By implementing Field Service, we have seen a number of customers succeed through improving scheduling and routing efficiencies and providing dispatchers, and technicians with a better way to work. Sign up for a demo to see how!

Looking for a platform that will integrate all of your systems into one view?

Salesforce Field Service is perfect for that! At NeuraFlash, we are experts in integrating systems with Salesforce so your instance can solve the biggest challenges.

Exploring upgrading your existing legacy system in order to continue growth?

We have helped a number of companies replace 20+ year-old legacy systems seamlessly and gain access to new revenue streams while increasing their efficiency and reducing their costs!

NeuraFlash & your Field Service implementation
We are digital experience experts first, and Salesforce implementers second. We are focused on product implementation, the field tech, management and the overall customer experience that happens when you invest in new technology. Our unique NeuraFlash Field Service Scheduling Packages will bring you success!
Self Scheduler
Self Scheduler
Provide a customized, guided experience
Empower your customers
Increase your deflection
One-of-a-kind, straightforward scheduling experience
Internal Scheduler
Internal Scheduler
Give your internal scheduling team a 100% customizable, guided experience
Decreases average time to schedule
Increases visibility into existing appointments
100% customizable to meet your specific objectives
SMS Appointment Reminders
SMS Appointment Reminders
Confirm, remind & inform your customers with automated SMS
Include a technician 'about' note to prepare customers for who will be coming to their home
Customize message flow based on your specific appointment lifecycle
Trigger a unique messaging template when an appointment's status changes
Where’s My Tech?
Where’s My Tech?
Allow your customers to see their technician’s real-time locations
Improve your customer satisfaction
Reduce your agent's wasted driving time
Automated Service Reports
Automated Service Reports
Automatically send service reports to your Customers
Improve your customer satisfaction
Easily capture CSAT metrics
Reduce inbound call volume from customers with questions around completed work or next steps
Customer Stories
A popular, fast growing at-home workout solution continues to scale with Field Service Lightning
Our customer needed to implement a cutting-edge self-service scheduling solution. By migrating from DispatchTrack to Field Service Lightning, they scaled just in time for holiday season of '18. Fast forward to today, our solution has helped the company power through their continued explosive growth!
A large tech company invests in Field Service to better equip their technicians
Our customer revamped their sales to service process with NeuraFlash and Salesforce, improving their field technicians’ processes, along with their marketing functions, reporting and analytics.
Samson Rope optimizes Field Service operations with Field Service
Samson Rope had no concrete solution to track, schedule and document field service operations. NeuraFlash deployed Field Service Lightning, enabling visibility into service appointments, which helped to increase operational efficiency and generated new revenue for their operations.
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Field Service