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Service Cloud
Best-in-class customer service from a single console.
Service Cloud, the cloud-based engine that powers top-notch, inclusive and easily managed contact centers.
Connect your contact center with a single platform that can do it all
Transition to more cost effective channels
With Service Cloud, your agents are able to handle multiple customers simultaneously, while still providing exceptional service.
Reduce cost of labor
By adopting Service Cloud, you will see a reduction in ASA and AHT thanks to automation & omni-channel tools!
Guide your agent
Provide your agents with solutions in real-time using Salesforce knowledge and Einstein for Service and Slack.
Simplify Your tech stack
Unify and simplify your contact center to reduce your technical debt and the number of systems you need to use on a daily basis.
Personalized service
Customers can say goodbye to poor customer service! Know who your customers are and what they need, before the interaction begins.
Increase self-service
Empower customers to find answers to their questions independently, providing them assistance 24/7.
Offer multi-channel support
Meet customers on their channel of choice, providing them with quick, easy, and accurate service through, chat, SMS, Voice, and more!
Service Cloud Voice
A single place for data. When included into your Salesforce console, omnichannel serves as the routing engine for voice as well as other channels.
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Experience Cloud
Connect your platform to house knowledge articles, forums, a bot and more. Provide customers and partners with online communities for connecting.
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AI & Bots
Connect your data and provide personalized experiences, relevant to your customers, to provide self-service and increase agent efficiency.
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Digital Engagement
Provide a cohesive experience across your contact center, allowing you to automate processes, provide seamless experiences and more!
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Things we’ve done
Live Bots
Product Enhancements
Avg. Increase in CSAT
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Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the service center solution that you need.
Debating on migrating away from your existing cloud solution?

NeuraFlash has helped customers migrate off of Zendesk, Service Now, Five9, Nice inContact, and more, and they have all seen immediate business impact.

Looking for one platform that can solve all of your pain points?

Streamline workflows, automate processes and handle complex routing to transform the agent experience. This solution makes it easy to build connections with every customer, across multiple channels and on any device.

Are you a growing business that is getting ready to scale?

At NeuraFlash, we are experts in implementing AI solutions that help you scale effectively while also helping you utilize and integrate data from all of your systems.

NeuraFlash & the service cloud console, start with the fundamentals.
At NeuraFlash, we unify the customer service experience and provide tools for your contact center to provide your customers with the service they want, when they need it. We have the ability to automate processes for your teams and can deliver personalized, seamless experiences .
AI Bots
Einstein Chatbots
Increase sales, productivity & customer communication
Bots are a helping hand, used to assist customers to increase deflection, leaving agents with more time to focus on complex cases. They are designed to discover insights, predict outcomes, and automate tasks!
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CRM Analytics
Granular data at your fingertips
Utilize the tool that can boost some of the most data analysis capabilities to help drive business decisions for your company.
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Experience Cloud
Experience Cloud
Quickly share information & collaborate
Experience Cloud, natively built into the Salesforce platform, offers seamless self-service for customers by enabling access to quick answers in the form of articles and FAQs. It also provides AI-powered content recommendations for agents.
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Service Cloud Voice
Service Cloud Voice
Empower your contact center with voice
Service Cloud Voice, a telephony solution powered by Salesforce and Amazon Connect, provides agents with omni-channel visibility, embedded call control tools, live call transcription, AI-driven insights, and more, leading to higher agent productivity and a smarter contact center.
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Field Service
Field Service
Get the right tech to the right place at the right time
Connect your customers, workforce, and products in a single platform with Salesforce Field Service. Enable effective scheduling to increase visibility into the field, and provide your team with the tools they need to provide top-notch customer service!
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Customer Stories
A large retail brand deploys Service Cloud to provide best-in-class service & selling to customers.
This customer’s agents were using disparate systems causing long case handle times for simple use cases. They were able to implement Service Cloud, along with multiple products, to increase customer self-service and agent productivity.
An innovative FinTech company replaces their legacy systems
With their explosive growth coming in the next few years, this financial service provider needed to replace their home-grown CRM and Genesys system.
Agents onboarded
Cases serviced on a weekly basis
of customers engaged with their Einstein bot
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