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Change Management.

Change Management helps you proactively focus on your people ensuring organizations see greater adoption, and proficiency along with higher employee and customer satisfaction.
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Change Management
Invest in the change at the right time.
Why take the chance of not getting a ROI? Change management is a structured process and a set of tools that supports organizations and their people to adopt and embrace technology, process or organizational change.  
Transformation that drives real business outcomes
Greater adoption & proficiency
Change Management means proactively involving people in the change. Bringing them along for the journey. This minimizes surprises, resistance, and frustration and creates a better employee experience.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction
Even the best technology can fail if we don't focus on the people using the system. Sustain your investment by centering people in the change effort.
Employee Satisfaction
Employee satisfaction
Change Management isn’t just about your people it’s about your customers too. A better employee experience translates into a better customer experience.
Business Outcomes & Costs
Business impact & costs
Put all of this together and it starts to have a compounding effect. Projects with good change management are 6x more likely to realize business outcomes, while staying on budget and on time.
Custom strategies to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you ensure you receive the something great about change management.
Net new to Salesforce and transitioning from a previous system?

Technology change may lead to changes in processes, structure, and behavior. Our NeuraFlash team aligns people, process, and technology to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Building on your exisiting Salesforce platform by adding functionality?

Change is complex. We've been on this journey countless times with our customers and guided them toward their goals.

Looking to better integrate, capture customer insights, and automate processes?

Look beyond today by better understanding what is possible and how we can achieve this together! No matter where you are in your journey to a better technology, our change management team can help tailor a roadmap for you.

We take a people-centric approach to maximizing ROI
We aren’t just people and change experts, we are technical experts and Salesforce experts too, with experience across many sectors and industries.

We ensure that your people are aware, excited, and prepared to succeed with new technology!
Evan Piekara | Change Management Practice Director
La Keisha Riley Burton | Salesforce Project Manager
Business strategy fueled by people, process & technology.
Our change managers aren’t just people and change experts, they are technology experts, industry experts and sector experts.

We ensure your people are prepared to use new technologies and processes helping you meet key business objectives.
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Change Management
Projects with change management are 6x more likely to meet objectives
So you can be one step closer to your digital transformation.
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Communications & Media
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Financial Services
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High Tech
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Change Management
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Contact Center
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Field Service
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Revenue Cloud
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Change Management
Customer Stories
A global logistics company launches Salesforce Service Cloud with Change Management expertise.
NeuraFlash’s Change Management clarified feedback leading to system enhancements based on the end-user simultaneously aligning communication from leadership. Additional training & explicit KPI’s established a clear purpose for the system changes leading to highly successful adoption rates across the company.
A large shipping container company turns around their project with Change Management.
NeuraFlash’s change management team worked with this leadership to form numerous internal support networks & communication strategies acting as a full support system for this company, turning their project highly successful one.
Your voyage starts now.
Using our experience across thousands of clients, our Salesforce Change Management team will help you evaluate your unique people needs, align your teams and technology, while providing industry thought leadership that will drive direct results for your transformation.
Contact Centers
Contact Centers
Transforming retail and support contact centers into revenue and satisfaction generators
Create best in class customer experiences
Streamlined onboarding and training experiences
Drive change agility and system adoption
Field Service
Field Service
Ensure a successful Field Service transformation
Improve Platform Utilization
Identify Quick Wins
Identify Lagging Capabilities
Maximize License ROI
Sales Teams
Sales Teams
Adapt with new technology
Empower agents to understand account and sales lifecycle
Optimizing customer renewals, referrals, and retention 
CPQ training and adoption strategies
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We help you to build strategic roadmap for your organization.
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Transformations create business impact. Understand your outcomes, their impact and driving factors with our data-based approach.
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Want your solution to have a long lasting impact? Let us help you take your journey onward.
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Change Management