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Generative AI

Reimagine how you deliver service, how your sales teams operate, and even more with the innovative power of Generative AI.
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Reimagine how you operate with

Generative AI

Leverage the potential of Generative AI solutions to elevate your business, meeting and exceeding every customer demand along the way.
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What is Generative AI?

GenerativeAI (artificial intelligence) are large language models (LLMs) that take raw data and generate an output from that data once they have been prompted by a user.

Automate Manual Workflows

Address your most time-consuming manual processes, custom with Generative

Auto Generate Sales Follow-Up

Follow-up your most important Sales calls almost immediately with personalized emails and communication based on historical interactions

Automatic Summerization

Automatically summarize completed interactions and take action with automatic follow up, case submission, quoting or more!
Unmatched Expertise
NeuraFlash has always been at the forefront of innovation as one of the first partners and now go-to partners to implement Einstein Bots as well as Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect, we continue to drive past business success in these new and emerging technologies!
NeuraFlash’s GenerativeAI practice will be spearheaded by Patrick Beyries, long-time Salesforce executive, creator of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, and Head of Product at NeuraFlash. This team has built out multiple Generative AI accelerators, data models, and integrations to help customers implement Einstein GPT at a lower cost with less complexity.
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GenerativeAI & Salesforce

As a leading Salesforce ISV and implementation partner we are working with customers to understand how their business can benefit from the next generation of Generative AI while partnering closely with Salesforce on their Einstein GPT solution.
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GenerativeAI & AWS

As a proud Advanced Tier Services and Amazon Connect partner the launch Amazon Bedrock and Titan foundation models have our teams excited to use these tools to change business operations as we know it!
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