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Revenue Cloud

As a certified CPQ & Billing Partner, we use an end-to-end revenue system to help you organize, scale & seamlessly communicate from quote, to order, to billing.
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Revenue Cloud
Simplify, automate and manage your complex processes & speed up your revenue growth
Revenue Cloud provides you with one single source of truth for all of your revenue processes while easing communication across your teams, simplifying processes & more.
Sell faster. Sell more. Risk less.
Combine channels
Gain a comprehensive view of each part of your revenue business by connecting your sales, partner, operations, and finance teams to create a single source of truth for revenue.
Give customers a great buying experience
Better serve your customers by providing your agents, with a 360° view of your customer - including their online interactions, purchase history & more.
Integrated billing
Revenue Cloud’s integrated billing system easily integrates your product or service catalogs, and allows for subscription-based pricing, consumption-based pricing & more!
One access point
Access every element, at any stage, of your revenue process to increase efficiency and to provide accurate information.
Seamless quote-to-cash experiences
Save time by eliminating your tedious everyday tasks & take advantage of automatically creating quotes quickly & accurately.
Automate billing
Use automation technology to trigger orders with delivery actions, collate costs, and produce & dispatch invoices.
Layer self-service automation
Enable users, partners & customers to automate quote creation with Quote-to-cash. 
Reduce your manual workload
Eliminate the need to manually download dated order forms with a visual dashboard and automated document generation, showing all of your customers’ relevant details.
Build a digital storefront
Enable sales teams and customer self-service and provide your customers with a full view of your products and services - allowing them to fill their carts with what they need!
Optimize performance
With Revenue Cloud, you can optimize your processes effectively with a comprehensive view. From generating orders to invoicing and beyond - you can see, evaluate, and act on the data in one place. 
Increase visibility
Empower your organization to sell in the field by providing access to all the information they need in a single place - accessible from anywhere!
Outcomes we’ve seen
Day decrease in billing process time
Decrease in quoting cycle time
Reduction in manual processes
Where We’ve Seen These Outcomes
Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the sales center solution that you need.
Are you looking to decrease the time your quoting cycle takes?

At NeuraFlash, we are experts in automation leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud (CPQ and billing). We have helped companies streamline their revenue operations & automate complex processes.

Do you want to simplify and accelerate your internal approvals?

Revenue Cloud can handle all of your revenue processes, providing you with one source of truth. At NeuraFlash, we have helped companies launch new revenue streams to make the buying process faster and easier.

Need a way to manage renewals, subscriptions and recurring revenue?

We are experts in helping customers envision a new end-to-end customer lifecycle to reduce manual labor and scale with you.

Configure, Price, Quote & Revenue Cloud
Optimize your Revenue with a CPQ instance. Easily modify contracts, automate renewals and more, making your business operations more efficient than ever.
Selling faster with CPQ leads to closing more deals, which results in a higher ROI!
Explore new revenue streams via cross-selling and upselling, With CPQ, explore new revenue streams via cross-selling and upselling. 
Sales Rep
Sales Rep Experience 
Enable your representatives to sell more by simplifying and automating the quoting process, saving them time.
Your representatives will be able to easily send more accurate and personalized quotes, even with the introduction of new products and pricing changes.
Operational Benefits
Operational Benefits
Improve cross-channel visibility and management! Analyze and view information of the entire sales process to gain insight into specific demands for certain products or configurations. 
Updating and adding to your existing products is made easy with CPQ. All changes will be updated in real-time across your entire business, while still maintaining historical records.
Configure complex product bundles to simplify your sales cycle.
Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Provider quicker, more accurate quotes.
Personalize your quoting processes, based on preference and willingness to pay.
Automated approval processes allow for specialized pricing requests, such as discounts, allowing your representatives to make quick and accurate changes that will not halt projects.
Have a complex sales process?
Revenue Cloud offers you the technology and processes to automate, stay organized, and streamline communication.
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Build better processes
Simple and effective contract lifecycle management powers your sales team's organization and streamlines your end-to-end processes and paperwork.
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NeuraFlash & your Revenue Cloud implementation
We know service and we know sales. We’re here as technology & people experts to help you maximize your revenue and grow each aspect of your business.
Contract Lifecycle Management
Contract Lifecycle Management
Streamline your contract workflows.
Automate manual tasks, simplify complex workflows and eliminate extra risk while keeping track of everything in one place.
Subscription Management
Subscription Management
Manage & grow your subscription services
Automate your subscription payments & personalize the billing needs with flexibility & accuracy.
Quote-to-cash, made simple
Bill with accuracy, confidence, and dependability to keep strong relationships with your customers.
Customer Stories
A media giant replaces its legacy system with Sales Cloud & CPQ Solution to improve end-user experience
This company's previous legacy system lacked reporting & automation, to better streamline its sales & finance processes. They were relying on an outdated legacy system, and knowledge was siloed to one employee. NeuraFlash provided a CPQ solution that utilized many out-of-the box features for a guided end-user experience!
A popular Social Media & Communications platform consolidates all methods of communication off of Zendesk & onto Salesforce
NeuraFlash helped this social media company to migrate off of Zendesk chat and onto SalesforceChat for advertisement and business communications.This allowed them to create the building blocks of bots and automation for a continued partnership with NeuraFlash, increasing their efficiency and consolidating their communications.
Empowering employees to turn a struggling project into a successful one with the help of strategic change management.
One large storage company faced adoption challenges when implementing Service Cloud and digital engagement, leaving leaders worried that their ROI would be impacted if adoption rates continued to stay the same. NeuraFlash’s change management team worked with leadership to form numerous internal support networks & communication strategies acting as a full support system, increasing adoption rates and ensuring a highly successful project.
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