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Invest in a cutting-edge real-time data platform designed to centralize customer data from numerous sources, both internal and external. Salesforce's Data Cloud solution creates a unified source of truth for businesses, driving informed decision-making and enhancing customer experiences across various domains.
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Data Cloud is cutting-edge real-time data platform designed to centralize customer data from numerous sources. Data Cloud seamlessly integrates with all Salesforce clouds, from marketing cloud to service cloud, providing a robust foundation for generative AI, and advancing the entire Salesforce ecosystem with personalized and efficient solutions.

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Data Cloud

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The Power of Data Cloud

What is Salesforce Data Cloud? Salesforce Data Cloud centralizes customer data from various sources, enhancing decision-making and customer experiences. It integrates with platforms like Snowflake, AWS, and Google, simplifying data blending and ensuring security. Leverage Salesforce Data Cloud to deliver real-time insights, AI-driven recommendations and more! 
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Lead Qualification | Upselling & Cross-selling | 360 Degree View of Prospects & Customers


Enhanced Customer Service | Proactive Support | Increased Agent Productivity

AI & Beyond

Drive actionable insights with Data Cloud + AI

Iron Mountain, NeuraFlash & Salesforce Partner together, achieving rapid results including a reduction in handle time by 20%

Investing in Data Cloud, Einstein AI, Service Cloud Voice and even more has set seamlessly integrated their tech stack enhancing the customer experience. Iron Mountain chose Salesforce for their proficient technology, capable of efficiently managing the challenges of scaling a global contact center through a unified platform, while effortlessly integrating with other essential technologies.
With Salesforce Data Cloud, we can enrich the digital experience for of customers. It helps us get closer to our vision of giving them the best service in the world
- Director of Contact Center Operations
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Your most asked questions - answered.

What is Salesforce Data Cloud?

Salesforce Data Cloud is a real-time platform that centralizes customer data from various internal and external sources, creating a unified source of truth. This consolidation enhances decision-making and improves customer experiences. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, Salesforce Data Cloud helps businesses identify patterns, predict customer behavior, and deliver targeted content and messaging, ultimately improving ROI.

How does Data Cloud work with other Salesforce Products? 

Salesforce Data Cloud seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Einstein Analytics. By centralizing all customer data in Salesforce, you can easily access information from all platforms in one place and provide a centralized database for all future AI investments.

How does Salesforce Data Cloud work with AI?

In order for AI to succeed, data needs to move smoothly throughout the entire organization. Your CRM is crucial for teams dealing directly with customers, serving as a central point for leveraging AI insights. Here’s the truth- companies can't just jump on the AI trend blindly. It's essential to first organize and bring together your data. Without a unified data structure, the full potential of AI remains unrealized.

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