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We help transform complex ecosystems to achieve efficiency and uncover revenue opportunities.
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We help Manufacturers transform complex ecosystems to achieve efficiency and uncover revenue opportunities.
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Set up your manufacturing org. for success now and in the future
Need help knowing where to start?

Our Customer Advisory practice is the perfect place! Our in-depth, unique, discovery and recommendation process uncovers how you can reach and sustain your long-term business goals. 

Don’t have the expertise?

We know manufacturing, we know technology and we know how to help you get to the solution that you need by combining our various expertise to get you to success!

Afraid new technology won’t stick?

At NeuraFlash our dedicated Change Management team is ready to help. Not only are they technology experts, but they are also people experts and are here to help your organization find s success. 

How do I manage my solution?

We know that technology solutions are long-term change and don’t stop once implementation ends. Our Onward Managed Services team is here to support your long term road map as your business continues to grow!

Our manufacturing expertise is across the board
We solve the toughest challenges across any industry.
Process Manufacturing
We are here to help you automate and connect your processes from factory to the field, increase the efficiency of your routes, make smarter data driven decisions and automate scheduling, routes and more!
Discrete Manufacturing
We are here to help you automate, simplify and invest in the processes that will help you take your final products to the consumer and continuously service them with ease.
Engineering & Construction
We are here to help you communicate with providers, customers, and multiple teams easily. Schedule smarter, easier, and more efficiently while increasing your visibility into the field and providing best in class customer service.
Businesses we serve
Samson Rope achieves 10x service revenue through Field Service with NeuraFlash
After deploying Field Service, it enabled visibility into scheduling & service appointments. Customized processes within Field Service led to increased operational efficiency and the ability to generate a new revenue stream in their service operations.
An irrigation installation and maintenance company streamlines with Field Service
This company had siloed records and no visibility into the field. We were able to streamline their agent scheduling, increase visibility and surpass customer self-service needs. 

"The Field Service Saviors!” - employee

An elevator company improves their emergency Contact Center with Service Cloud Voice
This company ensured a quick response rate by connecting their emergency call system by implementing Service Cloud Voice, their agents can now see which elevator is calling for help & will have quick access into necessary information associated with the specific elevator.
Grand Design RV partners with NeuraFlash to create customers for life
"We chose NeuraFlash as a partner because we believed their expertise would get us there. Also, we quickly realized they are most like us: down to earth, hard-working with a whole lotta heart behind what they do.”

-Bradly Smith, Director of Customer Service at Grand Design

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How do you get there
Unify all channels & integrate external data source
Sales Cloud powers your sales team across all digital platforms. It helps you scale and grow with your revenue by giving users one single platform to address, organize and collaborate.

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Service Cloud is a CRM tool that provides a cohesive experience across your contact center allowing for automation of processes, the streamlining of workflows, and more!

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MuleSoft is a world-leading integration platform for SOA, SaaS, and APIs. It connects any system, application, or data source saving your organization time and money. 

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Leverage a single platform with cross-channel personalization and recognition, reaching your customers on the platforms they want while providing a single unified experience.

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Fix siloed communication between business processes & technologies.
Experience Cloud is a platform natively built into the Salesforce org that connects your content, allowing you to build and deliver it all in one place.

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Bots are your contact centers’ helping hand, they are a way to engage with customers and provide automation opportunities, making experiences smoother, more robust, and more personalized!

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With Visual Remote Assistant you can help your customers get the service they need, without an on-site service visit. Help you field technicians solve your customer's problem through virtual real-time, guided interaction.

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Give your company a single source of truth by combining your Salesforce and Slack onto a single platform, connecting all of your employees, customers and partners for easier communication!

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Simplify historically manual & repetitive processes
Quickly create quotes and invoices, automate product and pricing rules, renewals, and more, increasing the efficiency of your business operations.

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Automate manual tasks, simplify complex workflows and eliminate extra risk while streamlining your contract workflows and keeping track of everything with DocuSign and Salesforce.

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Enable more effective scheduling, increase visibility into the field and give your team the tools to provide top-notch customer service

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Grow your business Omni-Channel visibility, embedded call control tools, live call transcription, AI-driven insights, and more, leading to higher agent productivity and a smarter contact center.

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Leverage AI for strategic decision making & analytics
With this Salesforce integrated set of AI technologies, make your salesforce instance smarter, more personalized to your customers and increase performance.

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Visual your data and get as granular as you need to to make the smartest, most informed, data driven decisions for your business.

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Work smarter not harder by incorporating AI into your field service. Help empower everyone on your team to provide best-in-class service while working more efficiently than ever!

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We help architect the transition of your service operations from a cost center to a profit center.
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