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Business Services

We help Business Services companies manage their complex projects, exceed customer expectations and provide best-in-class service, increasing their efficiency and ROI. 
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Business Services
Business Services
We help Business Services teams connect their systems, streamline communications and exceed their customers' expectations.
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Set up your Business Services organization for success now and in the future
Need help knowing where to start?

Our Customer Advisory practice is the perfect place. Our in-depth, unique, discovery and recommendation process uncovers how you can reach and sustain your long-term business goals.

Looking for a partner to guide you?

We know business services, we know technology and we know how to help you get to the solution that you need by combining our various expertise to elevate your success!

Afraid new technology won’t stick?

At NeuraFlash, our dedicated Change Management team is ready to help! Not only are they technology experts, but they are people experts here to help your organization find greater success. 

How are you managing the solution?

We know that solutions are long-term changes and don’t stop once implementation ends. Our Onward Managed Services team is here to support your long-term road map as your business continues to grow!

Our business services expertise is across the board
We solve the toughest challenges across any industry. 
Professional Services
At NeuraFlash, we have worked with many Professional Services companies to maximize their ROI, increase operational efficiencies, enable seamless customer service on multiple channels, and more!
We are here to help you attract and maintain customers, all while bringing your communication and system silos together to increase visibility into your operations.
Transportation & Logistics
From the first interaction with your customer to billing and servicing your customer - we are here to support your business in providing top-notch service by enabling you to organize and optimize your business.
Businesses we serve
Streamlining systems & processes leaves this professional organization's customers smiling
Because our customer is a large global company, they needed to give their agents full omni-channel capabilities. We helped them schedule shifts more effectively, correctly route customers to agents using language based routing, and more!
A family-owned & operated business optimized growth by migrating to Salesforce Field Service & Sales Cloud
After multiple acquisitions, our customer's current solution lacked visibility into key insights. A best-in-class Salesforce solution enabled them to scale effectively, utilizing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Field Service, providing their team with a 360 view of customers, resources, and services!
A leading provider in porta potty rentals uses CPQ & Field Service to improve complex & error prone processes
Our customer had a complex and error prone quoting and order entry process. By implementing a robust CPQ & Field Service solution, they now have a more effective Quote-to-Cash process and can create more accurate order fulfillments.
How do you get there
Business Services
Unify your platforms & communication channels
Sales Cloud is a cloud-based system that powers your sales team across all digital platforms. It helps you scale and grow your revenue by giving users one single platform to address, organize, and collaborate.

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Service Cloud is a CRM tool that provides a cohesive experience across your contact center allowing for automation of processes, the streamlining of workflows, and more! 

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Connect your customers, workforce, and products in a single platform with Salesforce Field Service. Enable more effective scheduling, increase visibility into the field, and give your team the tools to provide top-notch customer service.

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With Salesforce Digital Engagement, you can leverage a single platform with cross-channel personalization and recognition, reaching your customers on the platforms they want while providing a single unified experience.

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Business Services
Automate & optimize processes, creating more time in your day
Revenue Cloud connects your sales, partners, operations, legal & finance teams on one platform, bringing together CPQ, billing, partner relationship management and more to build one single source of truth helping you manage, scale and grow your revenue across every channel! 

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Take your contact center to a new level by incorporating AI tools that empower your agents, streamline your communications, and help you consistently provide best-in-class customer service.

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Workforce Engagement is a unified solution tool for modern workforce management that brings together data, forecasting, reporting, and scheduling, enabling you to deliver the best agent experience, and increase productivity through human-centric design.

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Business Services
Increase visibility, strategic decision making & analytics
Visualize your data and get as granular as you need to to make the smartest, most informed, data-driven decisions for your business.

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AI Field Service: Work smarter, not harder, by incorporating AI into your field service. Help empower everyone on your team to provide best-in-class service, while working more efficiently than ever!

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Service Cloud is a CRM tool that provides a cohesive experience across your contact center, allowing for automation of processes, the streamlining of workflows, and more! 

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Quickly create quotes and invoices, automate product and pricing rules, renewals, and more, increasing the efficiency of your business operations.

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Business Services
Personalize your communication & service, internally & externally
Engage with your customers while providing an impactful experience that easily gets them to the information they need.

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Provide your customers with a place to find exactly what they are looking for. Connect your content and build and deliver it anywhere through multiple forms, websites, portals, mobile apps, and storefronts!

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Easily reach your customer through virtual conversations and solve their issue even quicker! Help empower everyone on your team to provide best-in-class services, while working more efficiently than ever. 

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Service Cloud Voice integrates natively into Salesforce, giving agents omnichannel visibility, embedded call control tools, live call transcription, AI-driven insights - leading to higher agent productivity and a smarter contact center.

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We help you achieve your business goals, propel you to success, giving you the tools & support for long-term, impactful change.
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