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Analytics & Insights.

We partner with companies help them showcase the impact of their solutions, provide strategic guidance, accelerate innovation and drive platform success.
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Committed to growth? Define your goals. Understand the results.
Your journey toward greater business agility starts by identifying key outcomes that’ll contribute to your company's success!
We take a people-centric approach to maximizing ROI
We aren’t just people and change experts, we are technical experts and Salesforce experts too, with experience across many sectors and industries.

We ensure that your people are aware, excited, and prepared to succeed with new technology!
Tom Hebner | VP of Insights & Strategy
Griffin Withington l AI Data Analyst
Outcomes. What are they?
As your organization makes significant investments in Salesforce or Amazon technology, you’re bound to eventually ask, "What are our results?" Outcomes are the goals we set together to measure the success of the solution your customers are looking for, or simply put, the “WHY” behind it.
Clear goals
Clear numbers
Happy investors
Business outcomes driven by transformations
Contact Centers
We work with contact centers to take them beyond just a tool but a long-term, effective experience that benefits your entire business.
Data & Insights
Business outcomes driven by transformations
Field Operations
We are here to support you in every aspect of your transformation, making sure you see every potential benefit, and measure for success.
Data & Insights
Business outcomes driven by transformations
Sales, Finance & Legal
Identify and reach your goals with solutions that help your business increase efficiency, make your reps' lives easier, and continue to grow.
Data & Insights
Custom strategies to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you ensure you receive the best outcomes for your solution, grounded in data.
Looking for greater insight into your business?

We have the tools & people to help you gain a deeper, more granular view of your business, enabling smarter, more informed decisions, resulting in tangible outcomes.

Ready for a solution that will help you improve your business outcomes?

At NeuraFlash we help each and every one of our customers implement systems that not only improve their business processes but clearly define how and result in tangible outcomes.

Want to see where your business can improve & then get there?

By evaluating your business, seeing the operations and examining your current numbers, NeuraFlash is able to set goals, see clear improvements & implement the solution that is best for you.

Business strategy fueled by people, process & technology.
By identifying the outcomes that your company strives to achieve, you will better understand the problem you’re looking to solve for your customers, or employees, with technology. If you want your technology solution to be successful, outcomes should drive everything, from configuration and implementation, to measuring the data that matters.
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Data & Insights
Outcomes are at the center of who we are.
Talk to us and see how we can make your business transformation a reality.
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NeuraFlash Customer Advisory
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Contact Center
Contact Center
Field Service
Field Service
Revenue Cloud
Revenue Cloud
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NeuraFlash Customer Advisory
Tools to an outcomes driven approach.
Using our experience across thousands of clients, we will help you evaluate your unique business needs, align your business goals, connect your teams and technology, all while providing industry thought leadership that will drive direct results for your transformation.
CRM Analytics
CRM Analytics
As a CRM Analytics partner, we are certified across the board but find our sweet spot in service center analytics. We’ve built custom products for Service Cloud Voice and Einstein Bots that leverage Tableau and drive more ACV for Salesforce while opening the door for land and expand opportunities.
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NeuraFlash Academy
NeuraFlash Academy
At NeuraFlash, we invest in the next generation of data experts through our own NeuraFlash Academy. The Academy is an intensive learning and development program for those individuals looking to move into the ecosystem to specialize in CRM Analytics and Salesforce.
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Services to propel you forward
Don't know where to start?
We help you to build strategic roadmap for your organization.
Advisory Services
Change can be hard but preparing your organization doesn't have to be! We have the experts ready to help.
Change Management
Want your solution to have a long lasting impact? Let us help you take your journey onward.
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Ready to get started on your outcomes based transformation?
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