Jul 10, 2020

[Case Study] Einstein Bots for Sales

[Case Study] Einstein Bots for Sales

2020 / NeuraFlash Customer Success Story

How A Technology Company Used a Salesbot to Convert More Website Traffic to Qualified Leads with a Salesforce Einstein Bot.


Their Story

Prior to the rise of covid-19 this craft retailer was looking to improve their customer service experience. They had..

  • Long customer wait times that were over 10 minutes
  • High volume on their chat and phone channel
  • Low agent efficiency due to handling high volumes of simple FAQs.

Following the rise of covid-19, this craft retailer was forced to close stores and shutdown all channels except chat. Because of this, web chats increased from an average of 100 to 15,000 chat conversations per day!

Partnering with NeuraFlash to deploy a Salesforce Einstein Bot

This craft retailer partnered with NeuraFlash, a leading AI and Chatbot partner of Salesforce to deploy a Service Einstein Bot. This Bot was built to handle high volume use cases, so agents could spend more time on complex issues.  After this solution was deployed, it elevated the customer experience and optimized both employee & customer time.


  • 35% chat case deflection achieved
  • 75% decrease in customer wait time
  • 30% decrease in case resolution time

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