Chatbots for Sales and Marketing

Never Lose a Lead or Miss a Customer Touchpoint.

An artificial intelligence sales chatbot provides a service your customers & prospects will love. Get natural language conversations directly into your customer support team and funnel your audiences through the sales process. Improve the lead generation, follow ups, conversion rates, sales funnel, and more for potential customers today!

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Avg. increase Sales conversions
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Achieve a unique customer experience with conversational service bots
Self-service Sales & Guided Selling
Customer Retention & Engagement
Pre-qualify Leads
Appointment and Booking management
Automate FAQs

Guide your customers to the right plan or product with a 24/7 Salesbot.

Self-Service & Guided Selling
Capture & convert web visitors into customers completely unassisted with chatbots.”Guided Selling” with chatbots. Pre-qualify customers, surface relevant products and pricing options, and point them to purchase with guided selling through chatbots.

High customer churn volume? Looking for a way to improve on-page retention?

Stop your customers from leaving the site without engaging with you with proactive, tailored content served through the chatbot.
Maintain the engagement throughout the sales funnel. Keep customers from leaving the site by engaging them with predictive chats & custom offers all served through the chatbot. Tailored discounts, messages or offers can be made to fit the page they are currently browsing and can also be served on a timer to engage traffic after a certain time spent on page or when they navigate to a specific section.

Is your sales team inundated with high volume & unqualified leads?

Have your chatbot pre-qualify leads and route the best leads to your sales team.
Connect leads to your sales agents in real-time for assisted selling. Use a sales chatbot to ask valuable questions to analyze potential and existing customers and filter valuable leads. This prevents your agents from speaking to every person who sends a chat, and lets them focus on genuinely interested customers. Connect leads to your sales agents in real-time and route them to the right person on the team.

Increase conversion rate. Improve Upselling. Make more Sales.

Deliver a personalized customer experience that is converting.

Personalization is the name of the game. Create & serve hyper relevant content to convert new prospects or return customers.
Personalize customer experience with customer name for returning or logged in customers, drive engagement by tailoring content to them.

Whether they are a net new lead, returning user, or repeat customer, serve relevant content that engages them in the buyer journey they are in.

If your customer is authenticated the chatbot can serve them content based on their last purchase. If it's a returning user, the chatbot can prompt them to pick up where they left off. Net new customer? Serve targeted messages based on which channel or campaign they came from.

Empower customers to seamlessly schedule meetings, demos & more automatically.

Schedule meetings directly in the Einstein Bot to allow your customers to schedule a time that works for them.
Automate helping customers to conveniently book reservations and proactively manage bookings with chatbots. Capture leads on your website 24/7. Your web visitors can book a callback at a time that suits them best or even request a demo all seamlessly through the chatbot.

Experiencing high chat volumes for basic FAQs?

Leverage an Einstein Bot to help your sales representatives prioritize customers ready to buy now.
Simple FAQs are questions your sales reps shouldn't need to deal with. They increase queue lines, frustrate customers who want an easy response and prevent your agents from focusing on customers who are ready to buy now. Leveraging an chatbot to automate customer FAQs will help you automate responses, allow customers to self-serve, decrease queue times while increasing the efficiency of your sales team.
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