The Right Partner = the Best Customer Service

Which ever bot product you choose, you only get one shot at making a good impression with your customers. While chatbots bring a huge ROI and CSAT improvement opportunity, there is a lot of design, best practices, and skill required to do them well.

With our help, you can deploy a bot that will wow your customers and save you time and money!
Why Partner with NeuraFlash on the Einstein Bot
Best-In-Class Bot = Happy Customers
Partnering with a thought leader that understands the technical, conversational, and business uses cases will help you deploy a best in class bot to improve your customers’ experiences
Your customers will receive instant service
Encourage Self-Service
to answer their simple questions
Seamless Escalation
to a live agent if necessary
Always Available
even when you are not, seamless conversation designs collect leads 24/7
Bring Customer Service into the 21st Century
Customers are shifting from phone to digital channels and expect to be able to engage with the brands they love, at their own convenience, anytime, anywhere.
Move your customers off expensive phone channels and on to the digital ones they already use.
dialing a phone number
~ 20 minutes in queue
10-15 minute conversation
10-15 minute resolution
Long AHT & costly conversation time
Unhappy customer: 30+ minutes on phone
immediate service
1-2 minute conversation
immediate service
2-5 minute resolution
Low AHT & increased revenue
Happy customer: Self service & minimal time
Fast Deployment & Immediate ROI
Building a bot yourself could take you months, but with NeuraFlash we can have you up and running on a Phase One bot in no time saving you time and money all the while earning an immediate ROI.
We Know What Works
With our deep knowledge and IP, we know exactly how to use your data to find the best ROI-generating solutions.
High Costs
High AHT
Long Wait Times
Increased Self Service
Happy Customers
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