Einstein Bots for customer service

Seamless, Personalized Service Experiences

From handling FAQs to complaints to order status to troubleshooting, service bots automate simple tasks and service requests. Customer facing or behind the scenes, they make service experiences more convenient, conversational and available 24/7, across multiple channels.
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Achieve a unique customer experience with conversational service bots
Common FAQs & Troubleshooting
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(proactive greeting, language, UI/UX, CSAT Measurement)

High chat volumes for basic FAQs and common troubleshooting errors?

Never make your customers wait for help or dig through mountains of support articles again.
Simple FAQs like
"what is the return policy, "
"where do I find __?" or
"how do I reset my password"

are questions your agents don't need to deal with. They increase queue lines and frustrate customers who want a quick response. They also prevent your agents from focusing on the more complex questions. Leveraging a Salesforce Einstein Chatbot to deflect common FAQs & troubleshooting issues will help you automate responses, allow self-service, decrease queue times all the while increasing the efficiency of your support team.

Experiencing a surge in order status or delivery tracking questions?

Provide next level customer service with automatic updates on deliveries, packages, or application status'.
Allow for seamless 24/7 self service by employing a conversational chatbot to assist customers in finding their order status or getting an update on their delivery without needing to escalate to a human. Add a SMS bot to your service efforts to automatically track activity for your customers and proactively notify them of schedule changes or delays all without putting strain on your customer care team and expand service support outside of business hours.

Looking to standardize and automate complaint & feedback handling?

Streamline your agents productivity and have your Einstein bot collect and manage feedback or complaints.
Streamline the handling of sensitive customer or employee complaints. Collect information, track timeline, and provide seamless status updates. (good for HR or regulated industries that have to report complaints).

Need to automate the appointment process of your company?

The Einstein Bot for Appointments. Now, your customers no longer need to endure long call wait times or transfers
With an Appointment Bot you are able to proactively alert customers to set annual appointment, schedule appointments, modify appointment date/time, confirm appointments in advance and send ETA updates. This allows you to help customers set and manage appointments in an accurate and efficient fashion by allowing them to proactively book/modify appointments, sending reminders and confirmations, tracking estimated arrival times, and enabling customers ratings all without a live agent and avoiding long call wait times or transfers. Deploy on SMS or on the Web!

Personalize the chatbot journey to improve customer engagement.

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Einstein Bots aren’t limited to words! In fact the more you personalize your experience, create a user friendly design, the happier your customers will be and the more they will use it. First, your bot will be one of your public facing images of your company. It’s important to make sure this channel matches and conveys the identity of your brand. With NeuraFlash's help, your bot can respond using images, buttons, sliders, videos, and maps to provide real-time answers to your customers’ questions on websites, apps, social media, and voice and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Assistant.

Create Seamless handover from Bot to Agent and Agent to bot.

This is an important part of any bot experiences and can be directly tied to customer frustration or satisfaction.
A good chatbot is not a stand alone tool. The real power of a chatbot is the ability to escalate to a live agent when necessary right from the chat window. We can’t take away the “human” aspect of providing experiences. There will always be a time where your bot won’t be able to answer a question, or the question is too complex for it to handle. In these cases, it's important to have an escalation strategy in place to transfer the conversation to a live agent or to create a case if an agent is unavailable. NeuraFlash are experts at creating a seamless escalation strategy so that you don't have to worry about a thing. We'll provide you with the best practices, NLP and guidance to create a seamless experience for your customers and your agents!  
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