Never Lose a Lead with Sales Chatbot

An artificial intelligence sales chatbot provides a service your customers & prospects will love. Get natural language conversations directly into your customer support team and funnel your audiences through the sales process. Improve the lead generation, follow ups, conversion rates, sales funnel, and more for potential customers today!
Partnering with a thought leader that understands the technical, conversational, and business uses cases will help you deploy a best in class bot to improve the customer experience and help your sales team engage high value prospects!
Collect Leads
24/7 real-time messenger with specialty after hours conversational design and even schedule meetings when a live agent is unavailable.
Qualified Leads
Before prospects even escalate & spend more time winning over customers ready to buy now!
Automate Smart Routing
that will route prospects to the right sales agent and support team, at the right time!
An AI chatbot platform is the virtual employee and voice for your brand that supports your sales initiatives. Allowing you to get rid of those pesky forms that scare prospects away. Engage leads instantly with a sales bot in a conversational manner that allows them to learn more about your brand and drive them down the funnel.
Proactive Targeting
rules to engage prospects faster and smarter based on where they are spending their time on your website.
Customizable UI & UX
Experience for your brand. Your customers will have no confusion on who they are talking with.
Conversational Design
Crafted by linguistic experts that will keep your customers engaged and wanting more.
Fast Deployment & Immediate ROI
Building a bot yourself could take you months, but with NeuraFlash we can have you up and running on a Phase One bot in no time saving you time and money all the while earning an immediate ROI.
Analytics that Fuel Digital Transformation
Customizable reports and dashboards that will help you learn about the customer experience deliver qualified leads.

Offering you the chance to optimize your chatbot responses, expand to new digital channels or add/change website content based on your customer insights.
We Know What Works
With our deep knowledge and IP, we know exactly how to use your data to find the best ROI-generating solutions.
Poor Lead Capture
Lack of Personalization
No after hours support
Increase Lead Capture
Better Qualified Leads
Proactively Engage Prospects
Calculate Your Estimated ROI
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