NeuraFlash Videos: Webinar Replay

Maximize Manufacturing Efficiency with MuleSoft & Salesforce

Does the early bird get the worm? Well, the first to respond takes the business. Did you know that 78% of customers will buy from the brand that responds first?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, sales reps need the right tools and strategies to quickly and effectively engage with leads across every channel and convert them into qualified pipelines and revenue. Why? Because cash is king and every dollar counts.

Watch this webinar recording with Salesforce and NeuraFlash experts who will discuss how the addition of High-Velocity Sales/Sales Engagement, Sales Chatbots, and Digital Channels enables reps to easily spend more time selling.

Get ready to see the complete 360 journey of a customer as we walk you through an exciting “art of the possible” demo. From website visits to chat or chatbot conversations, our demo will highlight how Salesforce can seamlessly streamline the experience for your sales representatives at every step of the way.

BONUS! Curious about how AI and Automation can make the sales process even easier? We’ll be showcasing new functionality that further helps your Sales Reps qualify, recap, and in the end, sell more!
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