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CRM Analytics

Empower your users with actionable insights and AI-driven analytics, to make decisions for today and to forecast for tomorrow.
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CRM Analytics
Discover how your data can drive faster business decisions & impact outcomes
With just a few clicks, you can get more granular with your data! CRM Analytics provides you with the widgets, components and visualizations you need to gain a 360 degree view of your customer.
Eliminate data silos with seamlessly integrated data.
Dynamic data
Start analyzing and finding insights faster by viewing your data right inside your CRM.
Granular filtering
Take advantage of the dynamic filters the interactive dashboard provides to learn what happened and to predict future outcomes.
Build custom lenses from your personal CRM Analytics data sets to make sure the right people are notified of any data anomaly or milestones.
Take action
Invoke actions upon your Salesforce records right from your CRM Analytics so you can act on real data in real time.
Integrate your data
The data that you might need for analysis might be residing outside of Salesforce. With the help of connectors, that data can be integrated into Tableau CRM.
Provide your team with the insights they need
Provide your team with up-to-date, customized data on their Salesforce Lightning pages, ensuring they have all of the insights they need to drive success.
Enable mobile-friendly dashboard views and take your insights with you on the go and on the device you prefer.
Gain value from data
Easily share data, make follow up queries, and forward easy-to-digest visualizations to team members who could gain value from the data.
Integrate with Slack
You can view, discuss and share your data directly within Slack. Tag someone directly in the platform to look at specific parts of your dashboard, facilitating fast and easy conversations about the numbers you care about.
Outcomes we’ve seen
Increase in business user productivity
Decrease in average case age
Decrease in time required to analyze information
See Where We’ve Seen These Outcomes
Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the Tableau CRM solution that fits your needs.
Looking to drive change with a 360 degree view of your data?

Make smarter decisions, that are backed by your data, with Tableau CRM. At NeuraFlash, we have helped companies customize their Tableau CRM to fit specific business needs to drive those tough decisions.

Using multiple places to store your data, but are in need of one view to work more efficiently?

We have experience  integrating data into simple views with Tableau CRM. Our team of experts can place your data into the right place the right way, providing your business with a simple, dynamic view and a space for collaboration.

Do you want to understand your customers like never before?

Tableau CRM not only makes it easy to see your data in the way that you need it, but it also provides a seamless way to navigate large and overwhelming data sets. At NeuraFlash, we have helped large brands build new, more effective ways to see the data they need.

NeuraFlash & CRM Analytics
We are not only a CRM Analytics partner, but we are experts in result-driven experiences, both for your customers and business. At NeuraFlash, we help you do more than just implement the tools you need to see your outcomes. We help you to understand your outcomes and the decisions behind the numbers.
Custom Lenses
Custom Lenses
See what you need, when you need it
With custom lenses you can create detailed views from your data sets, making data navigation even easier.
External Source Integration
External Source Integration
All of your data, one simple view
At NeuraFlash, we can help you build out sophisticated data models from multiple sources, bringing everything together for a seamless navigation source.
Visualization & Data Presentation
Visualization & Data Presentation
Combine your salesforce objects
With Tableau CRM’s visualization and data preparation capabilities, combine as many related objects, and external data as you need to transform it into dynamic views.
Dynamic Dashboards
Dynamic Dashboards
See your data in a new light
Dynamic dashboards allow you to navigate your data, illustrated however you please, to easily allow you to transition from one view to the next.
Tableau Desktop
Tableau Desktop
Flexible viewing
Analyze your data and identify your most valuable information on a flexible desktop that gives you quick and easy access to the data that matters the most. Access, visualize, and analyze your data on an easy-to-use interface.
Einstein Discovery
Einstein Discovery
Understand your data
With the power of CRM Analytics and Einstein Discovery, take full advantage of your data models while predicting multi-class classification values and to identify insights and clear patterns across all of your data sets.
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Building strong partnerships to deliver best-in-class solutions.
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Customer Stories
A large clothing & beauty Retailer uses data to empower decision making
This large clothing and beauty Retailer wanted to drive smarter, data-backed decisions. With the help of NeuraFlash, they were able to create an in-depth, complete and easy to navigate CRM Analytics dashboard that has helped them see success metrics and decide where to shift their focus for growth.
A retailer implements a customer service bot, Experience Cloud sites & CRM Analytics to beat the holiday rush
Our customer needed a single solution to give time back to their agents. By implementing  CRM Analytics, supervisors have a better view of analytics across all retail brands. They are able to make data-driven decisions contributing to the success of their project and the improvement of agent flows.
A global appliance manufacturer strengthens their Salesforce investment through data
The team was looking to grow their investment and was unaware of the advantages they weren't utilizing within Salesforce. NeuraFlash and Salesforce worked together to show them the potential outcomes Salesforce could give them to best optimize their existing service cloud experience.
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