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Einstein for Service

Take advantage of comprehensive AI that natively integrates with your Salesforce instance.
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Einstein for Service
Automate processes & support your agents to provide an exceptional customer experience
Boost agent moral and increase employee motivation while giving your agents the tools and support they need to provide best-in-class customer service, all powered by AI that is natively integrated into your Salesforce instance.
Take your contact center to the next level with transformative AI tools
Provide your agents with live suggested responses and knowledge articles for fast and simple ways to select and share the most relevant information with the customer.
With Einstein for Service, you can generate next steps for your agents based on predicted needs that are natively integrated into your agents' Salesforce instance.
Utilize machine learning to auto-populate fields in real-time, saving agents time and simplifying processes.
Boost agent morale
Increase employee satisfaction by automating simple and repetitive questions, leading to higher employee retention rates.
Quick & accurate responses
Your agents can give your customers quick and accurate information using Einstein's AI technology and tools such as next best action, reply recommendations and article recommendations.
Decrease time to resolution
Decrease your agent handle time by providing your agents with the necessary information they need to quickly solve customer cases, all within one single view.
Power a consistent service experience
Agents have access to the same AI technology, which helps support similar and accurate decisions across your contact center.
Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement, and customize the Einstein for Service solution that you need.
Looking to automate wrap-up tasks within your service center?

At NeuraFlash, we take the time to understand your business needs and implement AI experiences that increase your efficiency and help organize your everyday tasks.

Looking for a solution that will ease your agent's activities?

By implementing Einstein for Service, you can give your agents the tools they need to provide best-in-class service, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.

Want to find a way to save both time and money?

We are AI and contact center experts. We know how to set up your organization for success by evaluating your needs, and building an AI solution that will increase your efficiency - ultimately saving your business time and money.

NeuraFlash & Einstein for Service
At NeuraFlash, we have extensive AI research & knowledge. We have a deep understanding of contact centers & good service, and we know the benefits AI can bring to your business and how to get you there.
Einstein Discovery
Einstein Discovery
Understand your data
Automatically discover patterns in your data
Take advantage of data models
Predict multi-class classification values
Find insights & explain patterns across use data sets
Case Classifications
Case Classifications
See data faster
Use machine learning to suggest or automatically populate case records
Set confidence levels for suggested & automatic fields
Save agent time by using predictive intelligence to auto-populate fields or picklists, all based on your previous cases
Route cases more efficiently based on an AI model
Reply Recommendations
Reply Recommendations
Enable faster responses
Support your agents by providing quick and accurate information during live chat
Integrates directly with your agent's console
Automatically recommended the best responses to your customer's questions
Allow your agents to post, edit, or decline suggestions
Article Recommendations
Article Recommendations
Share the right resources over email
Easily share knowledge with agents & customers
Integrates directly with existing knowledge components
Automatically populate and order based on relevant information started in the case
Attach the article you want directly to your method of communication
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Einstein for Service