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Revenue Lifecycle Management

Revenue Lifecycle Management empowers businesses to rapidly launch products with both one-time sale and subscription services as well as automate underlying business processes at scale
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Decrease in Agent Handle time
Increase in CSAT scores

Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM)

Managing your company sales just got easier. Sell better, sell easier, sell more. All on a platform native to your CRM.
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Complete Revenue Lifecycle Management

Powered by Einstein 1

Increase Sales & Deal Velocity

The power of a single and extensible seller console harnessing one common catalog accelerates selling across all channels

Flexible Configuration for any channel

New and intuitive UI simplifies complex bundling processes and helps to tailor products for customers

Streamline Contracts

Einstein supports the streamlining, accelerations and improves compliance with your contract by building generative AI right into your processes

The new Revenue Hub

RLM is designed to function as the center of your business. This is an omni solution that connects ALL business technology to streamline your business processes, increase productivity and accuracy, to help your teams sell faster.

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Salesforce RLM, powered by AI can change the way your business operates for the better. Discover the use-cases that will benefit your business and the greatest ROI with NeuraFlash.
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Why rethink with Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle (RLM) Management?

Interested in Salesforce RLM? Check out the newest content from our Salesforce Revenue Cloud experts.

Purpose-built for
Revenue Management

accuracy, anywhere

Intelligence &
Real-time data

Global Platform

Every touchpoint
supported by CRM

Alignment for
Sales, Finance, IT

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Interested in Salesforce RLM? Check out the newest content from our Salesforce Revenue Cloud experts.
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What’s included in RLM?

Product Catalog Management

Craft and manage your complete product portfolio, with product catalog management you can streamline your workflow and focus on delivering great products driving even greater sales. 

Salesforce Pricing 

With Salesforce pricing you can create customized price adjustment schedules, define discounts and obtain accurate prices for your entire product portfolio. This has been built for companies of any and all sizes, connecting businesses front and back-end processes. 

Product Configurator 

With product configurator is has become easier than ever to custom configure your products to meet your business needs. With this tool you can view product related information all in one screen within a customized layout, making product information easier than ever to access. 

Quote and Order Capture 

With quote and order capture you can create quotes and capture orders with the right products and the right prices in any channel. Streamline your sales process with this product by aligning products to prices for one seamless experience. The omni-channel capabilities ensure that you can meet your buyer on whatever platform they prefer.

Asset Life Cycle 

Provide your sales reps with greater insight into customer assets with one consolidated view and list of all assets belonging to a single account. This increases accuracy, helps aid in renewals, amendments and more! 

Salesforce Contracts

With Salesorce contracts you can now easily manage the end to end contract lifecycle while keeping it connected and visible through the entire sales process.


Omni-studio allows businesses to create guided experiences and interactions with customers and agents all with data located within your Salesforce org in addition to external sources

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