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Drive steady growth with Salesforce Sales Cloud.
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Sales Cloud
Win more deals, from anywhere.
Give your sales team faster paths to important records, so they can spend less time searching for information and more time selling.
A game-changing way of doing business
Real-time dashboards
With Sales Cloud dashboards, identify your top prospects and leads in real-time, track campaigns and dive deep into the successes of your sales teams.
Work from anywhere
Move your spreadsheets and business processes into one platform for access to real-time intelligence to generate sales plans that meet and exceed your business goals from anywhere in the world.
Strengthen customer relationships
With a complete customer picture that improves sales conversion rates, you can focus on building relationships and increasing the productivity of your team.
Build a better sales plan
With Sales Cloud, no matter what happens or how your team changes, you will always have the most accurate, up-to-date information at your fingertips to forecast accurately.
A single source of truth for customer data
With built-in predictive analytics, your team can spend less time guessing and more time acting to improve customer relationships.
Personalized outreach with automation
Create relevant and personalized messaging outreach to effectively speak, and target, the right customers. 
Prompt service
With a relevant amount of data available in the Sales Cloud dashboards, there is no further need to dig deep to find information, saving you time and making customers feel prioritized.
Convert leads
Leverage data to enhance the efforts of your sales team outreach to turn prospects into leads. 
Outcomes we’ve seen
Decrease in length of the sales cycle
Hours saved per year
New adopted users
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Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the Sales Cloud solution that you need.
Need to focus on closing more deals?

Sales Cloud can guide sellers with the best course of action to work your leads more efficiently. We can help you to customize your instance based on your unique business needs, our team is here to help you customize your instance.

Looking to streamline your sales processes?

With Sales Cloud, streamlining your processes, connecting your teams and unifying your data is easier. We are experts in helping companies simplify their sales processes to allow them to focus on selling smarter and faster. 

Want to better engage with your customers? 

With Sales Cloud, you can take advantage of a single source of truth that simplifies how you track, see and interact with customer data, helping you build deeper connections.

CPQ: accelerate your Sales Cloud
Optimize your Sales Cloud with a CPQ and billing instance. Quickly create quotes and invoices, automate product and pricing rules, renewals and more, making your business operations more efficient than ever.
Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Provide quicker, more accurate quotes.
Personalize your quoting processes, based on preference and willingness to pay.
Automated approval processes allow for specialized pricing requests, such as discounts, allowing your representatives to make quick and accurate changes that will not halt projects.
Agent & Representative Experience
Agent & Representative Experience
Enable your representatives to sell more by simplifying and automating the quoting process, saving them time.
Your representatives will be able to easily send more accurate and personalized quotes, even with the introduction of new products and pricing changes.
Operational Benefits
Operational Benefits
Improve cross-channel visibility and management! Analyze and view information of the entire sales process to gain insight into specific demands for certain products or configurations.
Updating and adding to your existing products is made easy with CPQ. Any changes will be updated in real-time across your entire business, while still maintaining historical records.
Configure complex product bundles to simplify your sales cycle.
Selling faster with CPQ leads to closing more deals, which results in an overall higher ROI!
Explore new revenue streams via cross-selling and upselling, With CPQ, explore new revenue streams via cross-selling and upselling.
Automate & simplify
Automating and simplifying your sales and quoting process all on one platform for a 360 degree view of your customer. 
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Build better processes
Simple and effective contract lifecycle management (CLM) powers your sales team's organization and streamlines your end-to-end processes and paperwork.
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Customer Stories
A fast growing tech & hospitality company delivers revolutionary sales & service with Sales Cloud
As soon as business was booming, our customer turned to us to implement a unified platform that could help them manage their sales process and strengthen their integrations with 3 other platforms. As a result, they were able to decrease their sales process length by 20%!
A US-based, home services warranty & appliance company uses Sales Cloud to replace manual processes
Our customer was using an excel sales book that was prone to user error, took weeks to update, and was shared via email. By implementing Sales Cloud, they took advantage of automated process and their consistently updated version has led to better insights into valuable reporting.
A communications & media giant improves their sales organization efficiencies with Sales Cloud
Our customer needed to replace their outdated legacy system to better streamline their sales and finance processes. Their outdated legacy system knowledge was was siloed to one employee. NeuraFlash provided a CPQ solution that utilized many out-of-the-box features for a new end-user experience!
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