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Slack for Service

Experience faster resolutions with the communication tool that seamlessly connects your business.
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Slack for Service
Connect with the people & information you need in real-time.
Not only does Slack for Service provide a tool for real-time communication, it helps connect your teams with experts, data and historical information, right from Salesforce.
Connect, communicate, & collaborate.
Reduce escalations
Customers expect their issues to be resolved by the first person they talk to. Allow your representatives access to experts, while still owning the communication with the customer.
Alert supervisors
Notify supervisors of difficult interactions so they can proactively turn around a potentially negative customer experience.
Dedicated support
Provide access to personal channels through Slack Connect to provide best-in-class support.
Automated workflows
Spend less time creating tickets and more time providing customer service to your clients.
Skill development
Representatives working collaboratively have the ability to learn from each other and handle future issues independently.
Improved coverage
Request vacation and sick time through Slack, and give supervisors the tools to quickly find replacements for unexpected absences.
Supported representatives
Supervisors can know which interactions need support and proactively assist their representatives.
Shared knowledge
Navigate complex handoffs with communication hubs so your representatives can hit the ground running.
Solve complex problems
Easy collaboration with experts will allow representatives to close complex interactions quicker.
Single point of contact
Reduce handle times by eliminating the need of having multiple representatives interact with a single customer to solve their problem.
Powerful search
AI-driven search across messages and files puts information at your representatives' fingertips.
Shared information
Quickly and securely share case and customer information to speed resolutions and draw insights.
Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the service center solution that you need.
Dealing with complex processes and need to get teammates up to speed fast?

Slack is a powerful tool for connecting agents to experts and NeuraFlash can accelerate skills development, while providing a better customer experience through swarming.

Striving to provide white-glove service to key customers?

NeuraFlash can help improve your CSAT scores with your key customers by improving real-time communication on high-priority problems.

Using Slack and Salesforce, but not together?

Avoid working in one system and communicating in another. From standard connectors to complex custom workflows, NeuraFlash can seamlessly integrate your processes on and off Salesforce with Slack.

NeuraFlash & Slack for your service implementation
At NeuraFlash, we know service and we know tech. As Salesforce experts, we are aware of the benefits Slack & Salesforce can bring your business and the solutions to get you there.
Slack + Salesforce Enablement Package
Slack + Salesforce Enablement Package
Establish a connection between Slack and Salesforce to jumpstart your communication.
Case & Opportunity Swarming
Case & Opportunity Swarming
Give your representatives the tools to collaborate instead of escalating.
Call Coach for Service
Call Coach for Service
Get notifications on call sentiment and handle time to proactively manage agent and customer experience.
Services to propel you forward
Don't know where to start?
We help you to build strategic roadmap for your organization.
Advisory Services
Change can be hard, but preparing your organization doesn't have to be! Our experts are ready to help.
Change Management
Want your solution to have a long lasting impact? Let us help you take your journey onward.
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Slack for Service