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Migrate to Amazon Lex with the IVR Migration Tool by NeuraFlash

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NeuraFlash is an Advanced AWS Partner with 40+ collective years of experience in the voice and automation space. With a dedicated team of Conversational Experience Designers, Speech Scientists, and AWS developers, NeuraFlash helps customers take advantage of the power of Amazon Lex in their contact centers. Building IVRs with speech recognition on legacy platforms is time-consuming and requires mature conversational AI design resources. NeuraFlash provides a range of services to assist in migrating IVRs from legacy platforms to Amazon Lex, including an IVR Migration Tool that offers support for GrXML files within Amazon Lex. The creation of Amazon Lex specific domain grammars allows existing and future customers to take advantage of their existing GrXML files. This tool accelerates the adoption of Amazon Lex by providing a simple way to migrate existing IVR flows into an Amazon Lex instance and into Amazon Connect contact flows. Customers can quickly begin testing and deploying Amazon Lex bots, and only pay for what they use.

March 22, 2022
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