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Our artificial intelligence team consists of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the Analytics space.
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How Can Tableau CRM Help You?
In the past, analytics have been treated as optional components when you think about implementing Salesforce into your organization. Customers would either use Salesforce standard reporting to get their information, or export Salesforce data into a 3rd party BI tool. Now with the power of Tableau and the native integration to Salesforce you can get more integrated tools, and added complexity, having the built in analytics tool has been extremely valuable across your organization

Which Analytics Journey are you looking for?
Enhance your data analysis with the power of storytelling & unlock real-time insights.
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Field Service
Our artificial intelligence team consists of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the Analytics space. By partnering with NeuraFlash, you get to work side-by-side with our group of certified Developers, Business Intelligence Consultants, Business Analysts, and Project Managers as you begin your journey to better explore your data in real-time.
Looking for something specific?
CASE STUDY: Higher Education
Devry University uses Einstein Discovery to predict the "potential to apply" for prospective students.
After experiencing a large volume of inquiries from prospective students from multiple sources and lead source vendors, DeVry University wanted to be able to determine where they should invest for inquiry generation. Additionally, DeVry’s admission team did not have the ability to analyze & prioritize potential applicants to reach out to the right person at the right time.NeuraFlash implemented a custom Einstein Discovery model to predict the potential to apply for prospective students. This enables them to use Next Best Action in the future to provide their admissions agents suggestions on how to more effectively convert applications.
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NeuraFlash's Suit of Einstein Bot Products
Salesbot App for the Einstein Bot
Customers are seeking simple chat solutions to drive conversational engagement for their sales and marketing teams on their websites, replacing outdated forms. NeuraFlash's Sales Bot allows sales and marketing teams to quickly standup a conversational chatbot on their website. Provide customers a unique and personalized experience while leveraging a bot fully integrated into Salesforce!
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NeuraFlash's Case Bot allows support teams to quickly standup a conversational chatbot on their website and start handling Cases. Provide users a unique and personalized experience while leveraging a bot fully integrated into Salesforce!
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Einstein Bot UI Enhancer
NeuraFlash UI/UX Enhancer: Gives you the ability to embed the following visual components into the Embedded Service using the Lightning Web Components: Images, YouTube Videos, SlidersCarousels, Mini Cards, Forms, Pick lists, Radio Buttons, Bold Text, Italicized Text, Underlined Text, Hyperlinks.
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Einstein Bot Insights Package
Are you looking to understand how your Einstein Bot performs on your website and for your customers, today? The Einstein Bot Insights Package provides robust logging and a set of detailed reports for any Einstein Chatbot (sales or service focused) to measure performance, KPIs & ROI.
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NeuraFlash Einstein Bot Supervisor
NeuraFlash Bot Supervisor allows human agents to help the bot match intents or provide answers when it is unable to understand a user question on it’s own. Each interaction that a human agent helps the bot then power learning and improvements to the Einstein Bot as well as help the user before a full escalation to an agent occurs.
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FAQ about Tableau CRM

What can Sales Analytics Tell me?

Utilize Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics)  tools to generate insights from sales data sources, external trends, and metrics to set targets and forecast future actionable sales performance. Change the conversation with Sales Reps by empowering them to take action with tracking and managing their own pipeline, forecasting, data visualization, and sales metrics with predictive analytics. Create a sense of trust with your sales team by referencing one source of truth across your external data.

Contact Center Analytics?

Integrate local Salesforce data with external data sources to get 360* view of your Contact Center. Improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction by maximizing agent efficiency and channel optimization. Gather market research from the artificial intelligence sales cloud to measure success.

What do Reports for Chatbots Include?

Leverage Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) to track and trend your data to understand the impact of your bot since deployment. Utilize advanced analytics, drill-down dashboards, data mining, and correlations to discover design and flow optimization updates. Define, calculate, and visualize KPIs and success metrics to measure ROI with advanced analytics

How Can Tableau CRM help with Field Service?

Harness the power of Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) to visualize and deeply understand Field Service KPIs. Leverage Einstein’s AI technology to find out the who, what, when, and why to make data tell a story. Equip your service technicians with necessary data on-the-run with mobile dashboards.

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