June AI Review

AI is revolutionizing every aspect of business operations, and it’s here to stay. At NeuraFlash, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of these advancements. Check out our latest edition of NeuraFlash’s monthly AI reviews! Want to talk to an expert? Contact us today!
The Outcomes
June AI Review

Data Cloud + AI: Driving New Age Efficiency

This past month, NeuraFlash has continued to invest in building our expertise in AI. With the many advancements from Salesforce, our technical capabilities only continue to grow. Alongside AI and Salesforce’s Einstein 1 platform comes Salesforce Data Cloud, which underpins these advancements and serves as the foundation for AI across the entire Salesforce platform.

A Powerful Duo: Einstein 1 and Data Cloud

Let's explore how Einstein 1 and Data Cloud work together. For AI to be effective, data must move smoothly throughout your organization. Companies can only capitalize on the AI trend with a proper plan, which starts with organizing and unifying your data. Without a cohesive data structure, AI's full potential can't be realized.

In simple terms, making AI work for your business begins with organizing your data. Einstein 1 and Data Cloud are the first steps on that journey. Once your data is sorted, AI can operate effectively, driving business growth.

Ready to learn more? NeuraFlash’s Data Cloud + AI pilot program might be just what you’re looking for. Contact us for more information about our unique AI and Data Cloud program.

How AI is Enhancing the Contact Center

AI and the contact center is a long-explored area. As businesses move beyond predictive AI and start to invest in generative AI technologies, the types of benefits they see continue to evolve. Here are three of the biggest areas we have been seeing AI impact:

  1. Chatbots & IVR Virtual Assistants Chatbots have evolved from handling FAQs to sophisticated AI-driven tools that understand and respond to customer queries naturally. They handle complex tasks and free up human agents for more challenging issues.
  2. Intelligent Search and Knowledge Bases AI-powered search tools in self-service platforms help customers find information quickly. By learning from interactions, AI ensures it provides the most accurate and up-to-date information, improving customer experience and reducing the need for human help.
  3. Real-Time Agent Assistance AI boosts customer service by offering real-time help, suggesting chat responses, composing email replies, and summarizing conversations. This support lightens agents' workloads and ensures quick response times.

Are you looking to increase contact center efficiency while providing exemplary service? Tell us your most pressing challenges and our experts will help you find the best solution.

Check out our AI + Contact Center Info Byte Series, which highlights some of the benefits we are seeing AI bring to our customers.

Field Service + AI: Inspect AI, a NeuraFlash Innovation

Field Service and AI form a powerful combination that stands to change the way companies operate in and out of the field. With advancements in mobile technology, workers have growing power at their fingertips, making daily tasks easier and handling more manual processes. This increases operational efficiency and allows technicians to focus on the issue at hand while paying more attention to the customer.

NeuraFlash has been working to advance the technological capabilities in this space, and we are excited to introduce one of our newest innovations: Inspect AI. Built to capitalize on the combined power of Salesforce Field Service, Inspect AI boosts productivity, enhances onsite efficiency, and simplifies record-keeping.

What is Inspect AI? Inspect AI is inspection software that automatically extracts observations from videos, reducing manual effort while technicians are onsite.

Efficient Inspections = Improved Reliability = Greater Customer Trust.

Want to learn more? Check out a demo!

Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing

Manufacturing executives rank AI as the top technology for positively disrupting their operations. AI simplifies contract management, guides troubleshooting, and more, enabling rapid innovation and enhanced efficiency. The result? More productive operations and happier customers. Let's explore how generative AI can be the ultimate tool for manufacturers by examining three specific use cases.

  1. Contract Management Generative AI streamlines contract management by automatically extracting and analyzing service contract terms, and identifying standard and unique terms to determine coverage. This leads to faster service, greater efficiency in updating maintenance contracts, and higher accuracy in understanding service agreements.
  2. Troubleshooting Generative AI enhances troubleshooting by providing step-by-step guidance and summarizing key information, resulting in enhanced knowledge sharing, accelerated problem-solving, and increased customer satisfaction.
  3. On-Site Repair Generative AI transforms on-site repair by giving technicians immediate access to critical information and step-by-step repair instructions. This improves accessibility, repair outcomes, and process efficiency while ensuring higher accuracy in machine repairs.

There are endless opportunities for generative AI in the manufacturing industry. Learn more about what it can do for your business by talking to one of our manufacturing experts today!

AI is revolutionizing every aspect of business operations, and it’s here to stay. At NeuraFlash, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of these advancements. Look out for our next edition of NeuraFlash’s monthly AI reviews! Want to talk to an expert? Contact us today!

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