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Chatbot Journeys
To fit your needs we offer three different Einstein Bot Journeys that you can choose from to start your A.I Journey today.
Express  Bot
5 FAQs
Case Creation
Package Cost
$20,000 - $30,000
(Effort: 100-150 hours)
(Timeline: 1-2 months)
Elite  Bot
15 FAQs
1 Complex Dialogue
Case Creation
Package Cost
$60,000 - $70,000
(Effort: 300-350 hours)
(Timeline: 2-3 months)
ElitePlus  Bot
Custom pricing based on your requirements, use cases, and the number FAQ and intents.
Package Cost
Case-by-Case Pricing
To ensure your success, we’ll put skin in the game.
The Einstein Bot Success Program
Einstein Bot Success Program
Our Risk, Your Reward
Based on our unmatched level of Chatbot experience, NeuraFlash is extremely confident in the ROI you will receive from the Einstein Bot. So, we are willing to commit to your success and risk upwards of 10%* of our engagement on meeting the success criteria.
We do the Homework Together
After moving forward with a mututal NDA, we will request all relevant information from you including Web chat logs, Case info, IVR utterances etc.
NeuraFlash will then leverage our suite of analytical tools to mine the data and have our expert team identify key opportunities for Phase One.
Discuss Findings and Next Steps
We will set up a session with you to share the insights gleaned from your data.
NeuraFlash will also provide recommendations and a projected ROI for Phase One.
Establish the Criteria
We will mutually align on the success criteria and ROI goals
Our SOW will include the risk commitment outline.
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