NeuraFlash Product Release Insights 2023

Learn about NeuraFlash's exciting 2023 product updates in this inaugural edition of NeuraFlash's Product Release Insights.
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NeuraFlash Product Release Insights 2023

In this inaugural edition of NeuraFlash's Product Release Insights, we're thrilled to showcase some highlights of our product development throughout 2023. Keep reading to learn more about our latest company advancements.

This year kicked-off with the addition of a new Head of Product and Innovation, Patrick Beyries. Under his guidance, NeuraFlash has continued our history of innovation and customer success. His background and perspective, including as the creator of Service Cloud Voice, have proven invaluable to the team. Learn more about Patrick's journey to NeuraFlash here before we delve into our key 2023 product releases.

Asset Orbit

Introducing Asset Orbit, the all-in-one asset management solution native to Salesforce. This revolutionary tool empowers businesses to seamlessly manage assets and services, leveraging the potential of AI and automation within Service Cloud and Salesforce Field Service. Unique to the Salesforce ecosystem, Asset Orbit streamlines tech stacks, enhances visibility into the asset install base, and more. The result? Accelerated revenue, heightened frontline productivity, and the seamless integration of AI & Automation. 

  • Read more about the launch here
  • Check out a demo
  • Discover the success story of Asset Orbit in managing over 12 million assets for a company!
  • Looking for something even more exciting? Check out our unique offering for Asset Orbit.

Voice Essentials 2.0

This major update to our most popular product package includes several brand-new and expanded features for greater efficiency, insights, analytics, and a host of additional benefits. 

New IVR Reporting
New Conversation Grader
New Post Call Surveys
New Outbound Caller ID Selection
New AWS Configuration Migration Tool

Schedule a live demo today and delve deeper into our Service Cloud Voice expertise and implementations here.

Mobile Essentials

NeuraFlash's Mobile Essentials enhances Field Service capabilities on mobile devices, integrating AI and automation for as much as a tenfold efficiency improvement in mobile fieldwork. With features like Daily Briefings, Inspections, Property Viewer, Asset Explorer, and Mobile Quoting, it amplifies sales potential, facilitates customer experiences, and ensures comprehensive oversight – all accessible from technicians' mobile devices. Explore our demo and learn more about this transformative release here.

"Mobile Essentials marks a significant step forward in simplifying the complexities of field service work. With this innovation, NeuraFlash and Salesforce are enhancing the technician experience by integrating rich interfaces and AI to directly support technicians' tasks. We're excited about the potential it has to reduce digital interfacing, allowing technicians to dedicate more time to hands-on problem-solving and customer interactions.” - Dane Peterson Director of Innovation

Telegram and Discord as Salesforce Channels

Salesforce recently introduced the ability for customers and partners to build connections for additional messaging channels directly with Salesforce’s messaging platform, natively leveraging all of the standard Salesforce messaging and omni-channel features. Neuraflash was one of the few designated partners to leverage this new “Bring Your Own Channel (BYOC)” functionality by building seamless integrations to two major platforms not previously integrated to Salesforce, Telegram and Discord. Patrick Beyries emphasizes the partnership's innovation and NeuraFlash's expertise in AI and Digital in the release details. Check out functional demos of the Telegram and Discord integrations below:

Nuance IVR to AWS Connect Migration Tool

With many legacy Nuance customers upgrading their technology to AWS Connect, Neuraflash recently updated our migration tool to make it even more efficient and accurate to move legacy Nuance IVR flows into AWS Connect. 

Purchase Order Management

Our latest offering, Purchase Order Management, provides on-platform tracking and visibility of customer purchase order records for Salesforce CPQ and billing implementations. Streamlining once-scattered documents, to directly impact revenue and accelerates cash flow by providing visibility into PO spend directly in the sales cycle. Connect with us to learn more about this invaluable addition.

What's next? 

Stay tuned for our upcoming spring product releases, including Amazon Connect Desktop. 

For more information or demos of our products, reach out to NeuraFlash at

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