Conversational COmmerce for Retail

Connected End-to-End Commerce Experiences

Provide Automated Digital Touch points to help guide your customer through the purchase and support processes. From predictive product recommendations, add to cart, abandon cart notifications, return policies to order status an Einstein Bot can help you provide seamless & unique experiences powered by AI.
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avg. increase in cart conversions
Avg. increase in online sales
avg. increase in Engagement Rate
avg. increase in Customer Satisfaction
Conversational commerce use cases
create seamless buyer experiences that capture customers ready to buy now.
24/7 Digital Storefront
Product Recommendations, FAQs & Comparisons
(proactive greeting, language, UI/UX, CSAT Measurement)
Handover: Shopper to Human
Check out & Upsell
Abandon Cart & Customer Win-Back

The 24/7 Digital Store Front: the store associate that is always online.

Leverage an Einstein Bot and proactively nurture customers ready to buy now at anytime, anywhere.
A retail bot is the 24/7 salesperson for your business. An Ecomm Bot or ShopBot can leverage your OMS engine to provide product recommendations and guide your customers through a defined product funnel. It helps foster the customer journey from product discovery to purchase & even abandon cart notifications!  

Recreate the in-store experience digitally with a virtual consultation or product demo.

Go beyond images & recorded videos and show a potential customer a live product demo in real time, to answer questions.
A good chatbot is not a stand alone tool. The real power of a chatbot is the ability to escalate to a live agent when necessary right from the chat window. We can’t take away the “human” aspect of providing experiences. Customers are demanding virtual & digital options to consult with product experts, get advice, and find the right items in a safe & easy way. Capture attention of a potential prospect and convert them with a live product demo, recreating an in store experience in a virtual way.

Personalize the chatbot journey to improve customer engagement.

Leverage a Einstein Bot to proactively engage customers ready to buy now and help them explore offerings.
Einstein Bots aren’t limited to words! In fact the more you personalize your experience, create a user friendly design, the happier your customers will be and the more they will use it. First, your bot will be one of your public facing images of your company. It’s important to make sure this channel matches and conveys the identity of your brand. With NeuraFlash's help, your bot can respond using images, buttons, sliders, videos, and maps to provide real-time answers to your customers’ questions on websites, apps, social media, and voice and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Assistant.

What if your chatbot could be your top salesperson & answer product questions?

Uplift the virtual shopping experience by providing AI powered product recommendations through the Einstein Bot.
A Commerce Bot can can recommend products to shoppers based on recent shopping activity, search history, product preferences, demographics, or by whatever page they are on. They guide users down a pre-defined product journey by having users answer a series of questions that will narrow down their search. It can also proactively reach out to users who are spending a long time on a certain page of the website.

In addition to providing product recommendations and answering product FAQ's, it can also facilitate product comparisons allowing a seamless product shopping experience for your customer.

Your Chatbot: A powerful conversion tool.

Seamless Checkout & Automated Upsell Opportunities all within the chatbot window.
Retailers are increasingly using chatbots to process orders across digital channels. Customers can, for example, easily order products by chatting with a bot and entering personal details like name, telephone number, billing address, and payment method.

Customers can then complete the checkout process directly within the app or channel of their choice or be redirected to a  checkout page. Commerce Bots can even be used to send personalized promotions and help upsell your customers with offers based on past purchases and customer requests.
You can program your bot to recognize potential for customers to purchase additional items.

High number of cart abandonments?

Leverage an Einstein Bot to keep customers engaged and remind them of the items in their cart.
Keep your customer’s interest by talking about sales or by answering questions about the product, shipping, payment security, etc. When a unique issue arises, chatbots can forward the chat to your team.
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