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Elevate your customer's experience with an Einstein Bot for Sales, Service, Commerce or Internal Communications!
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How Can An Einstein Bot Help You?
NeuraFlash’s team of artificial intelligence Chatbot and Salesforce developers help you take advantage of NLP-powered bots that are fully integrated with and implemented across digital channels.

We partner with brands to help them create an elevated and personalized customer and user experience.

Learn more about our chatbot platform and how we raise the customer satisfaction for sales teams below.
Which Einstein Bot Journey are you looking for?
Einstein Chatbots are transforming the way your customers are interacting with your brand.
Customers & Prospects want 24/7 availability, immediate answers and the ability to self-serve without needing to talk to a representative.

With NeuraFlash's deep expertise, decades of experience and partnership with the Salesforce product team, we can help you build a best-in-class bot to support your organizations goals.
Looking for something specific?
CASE STUDY: Consumer Electronics
Leading Electronics COmpany inspires a 20% shift to digital channels.
Leading consumer goods company, Sonos, was looking to deflect cases, enable better self-service for customers while reducing average agent handle time for chats. Working with NeuraFlash, Sonos went LIVE with an Einstein Bot and Salesforce Chat enabling a best-in-class bot experience for the customers and for their support teams. The solution successfully resulted in a 20% shift to digital channels, and a 40% increase in chat deflection while reducing average agent handling time, and improving CSAT.
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NeuraFlash's Suite of Einstein Bot enhancement products
Salesbot App for the Einstein Bot
Customers are seeking simple chat solutions to drive conversational engagement for their sales and marketing teams on their websites, replacing outdated forms. NeuraFlash's Sales Bot allows sales and marketing teams to quickly standup a conversational chatbot on their website. Provide customers a unique and personalized experience while leveraging a bot fully integrated into Salesforce!
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Case Bot
NeuraFlash's Case Bot allows support teams to quickly standup a conversational chatbot on their website and start handling Cases. Provide users a unique and personalized experience while leveraging a bot fully integrated into Salesforce!
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Einstein Bot UI Enhancer
NeuraFlash UI/UX Enhancer: Gives you the ability to embed the following visual components into the Embedded Service using the Lightning Web Components: Images, YouTube Videos, SlidersCarousels, Mini Cards, Forms, Pick lists, Radio Buttons, Bold Text, Italicized Text, Underlined Text, Hyperlinks.
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Einstein Bot Insights Package
Are you looking to understand how your Einstein Bot performs on your website and for your customers, today? The Einstein Bot Insights Package provides robust logging and a set of detailed reports for any Einstein Chatbot (sales or service focused) to measure performance, KPIs & ROI.
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NeuraFlash Einstein Bot Supervisor
NeuraFlash Bot Supervisor allows human agents to help the bot match intents or provide answers when it is unable to understand a user question on it’s own. Each interaction that a human agent helps the bot then power learning and improvements to the Einstein Bot as well as help the user before a full escalation to an agent occurs.
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Questions about the einstein bot

What are Einstein Bots?

Have you ever gone through the hassle of waiting for a call center agent to pick up on the other end?

With Einstein bots, you can send messages, ask questions, and receive basic FAQ’s on digital channels.  As part of the service platform, Einstein takes and interprets actions efficiently based on customer input, and smoothly transfers the customer to an available agent when a question can’t be answered.

How to Integrate Einstein Chatbots?

Leverage NeuraFlash’s expert team staffed with UI and Conversational designers, Bot Builders and analytic experts to deploy a bot to your website, integrate with external systems and deliver a best-in-class experience for your customers.  

We have over a decade of chatbot expertise We create conversational AI solutions for your business guaranteeing success and a return on ROI.

Why Are They Valuable?

Not only do AI enhanced Salesforce chatbots improve customer experience, but they also offer companies new opportunities to improve engagement and operational efficiency.

By reducing the typical cost of customer service, businesses save money in the long run!

What are the benefits of an Einstein Chatbot?

Quickly achieve 10-40% self-service & agent efficiency with the Salesforce Einstein Bot.

You can also: 
- shift customers to digital channels and away from expensive & time consuming channels like phone and email.
- Offer 24/7 customer service so you never miss a lead or always help a customer no matter the time of day.

More Questions? We've got answers.