Einstein Bot: Elevate the Customer Support.

Neuraflash’s team of artificial intelligence Chatbot and Salesforce developers help you take advantage of NLP-powered bots that are fully integrated with Salesforce.com and implemented across digital channels. We partner with brands to help them create an elevated and personalized customer and user experience. Learn more about our chatbot platform and how we raise the customer satisfaction for sales teams below.

As the leading Einstein Bot and Chatbot for Salesforce partner for the Salesforce platform, we have over a decade of enterprise chatbot experience, a partnership with the Einstein Bot Product team and several complimentary AppExchange apps. Let us help you leverage this incredible machine learning technology across Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

Partner with NeuraFlash to ensure your success with a chatbot for Salesforce solution. Consider checking out Field Service Lightning as another option too!
Quickly achieve 10-40% self-service & agent efficiency for Customer Service with the Salesforce Einstein Bot.
If your needs go beyond the Einstein AI Bot’s current offering, our NeuraFlash Intelligent Chatbot is the next best solution.
(See in the AppExchange). 

What are Einstein Bots?

Have you ever gone through the hassle of waiting for a call center agent to pick up on the other end? With Einstein bots, you can send messages, ask questions, and receive basic FAQ’s on digital channels.  As part of the service platform, Einstein takes and interprets actions efficiently based on customer input, and smoothly transfers the customer to an available agent when a question can’t be answered.

How to Integrate Einstein Chatbots?

Leverage NeuraFlash’s expert team staffed with UI and Conversational designers, Bot Builders and analytic experts to deploy a bot to your website, integrate with external systems and deliver a best-in-class experience for your customers.  We have over a decade of chatbot expertise We create conversational AI solutions for your business guaranteeing success and a return on ROI.

Why are they valuable?

Not only do AI enhanced Salesforce chatbots improve customer experience, but they also offer companies new opportunities to improve engagement and operational efficiency. By reducing the typical cost of customer service, businesses save money in the long run!
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