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AI Powered Field Service Experiences Built for Any Use Case

As the AI partner for Salesforce, we have the combined expertise of subject matter experts across Field Service and AI to enable proactive Field Service for any Industry & Use Case.
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Why NeuraFlash for Field Service?
As a partner who has always focused on digital transformation and innovation across the Salesforce platform, NeuraFlash has the rare expertise of both Salesforce solutions and the Field Service Management Industry.

Our Salesforce Field Service practice leads have been working with the Salesforce Field Service product since inception, and they have compiled a team of 40+ consultants with unparalleled knowledge from both an industry standpoint and use case perspective.

From self scheduling processes, to heavy asset centric businesses - we’ve helped solve complex business needs for organizations of all sizes. We’re looking forward to working with you on your field service journey!
Our Expertise
Einstein Chatbots are transforming the way your customers are interacting with your brand.
Self Service appointment booking
Asset Management
Order Management & Fulfillment
Resource & Inventory
Scheduling & Optimization
Change Management for Field Service
CASE STUDY: manufacturing
Samson Rope Optimizes Field Service Operations & uncovers new revenue stream with field service
Prior to implementing Field Service, Samson Rope had no concrete solution to track, schedule and document field service operations. Manual processes and lack of visibility into workload demands and resource scheduling caused many challenges along with having no formal process to track work orders, billable customer service or appointments.

After deploying Field Service,it enabled visibility into scheduling & service appointments. Customized processes within Field Service led to increased operational efficiency and the were able to generate a new revenue stream in their service operations
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NeuraFlash's Suite of Field Service Products
Schedule & Triage Bot: The power of Einstein to deflect and automate service appointments 
Leverage an Einstein Bot to interact with users and automate problems and appointment scheduling fully integrated with Salesforce Field Service. Propose optimized appointment slot and automate scheduling and status lookups while driving FCR, improved customer experience, and more automation
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Video Triage - seamless video messaging to power remote triage and appointment validation 
Integration into Salesforce Field Service mobile app enables video triage with a single tap. SMS integration enables both immediate messaging and video connect. Increase technician efficiency and remote capabilities 
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Appointment Drip Reminders
Automated Reminder: confirm, remind, and inform customers about appointments. Includes technician bios to prepare customers for appointment and improve customer experience. SMS for automated rescheduling and pre-appointment questions with standard Covid-19 disclaimers. 
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Where’s My Tech? - Technician tracking to give customers insight into exact technician ETAs
Real-time technician appointment triggered to send to customers when technician is on the way. Integration to Salesforce Maps & Google Maps allow Uber-like visual view of technicians location. Proactively sent to customers when technicians are on their way to enhanced user experience.
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Field Service Insights & Analytics
Powered by Tableau CRM. Understand technician performance, SLA adherence, and Salesforce Field Service value. Predict and forecast maintenance and appointment needs 
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FAQs about Salesforce Field Service

What can Salesforce Field Service (SFS) do for my business?

Salesforce Field Service is a comprehensive field service management solution that allows teams and plan their service organizations to drive efficiency gains and decrease revenue leakage. Combined with the power of an intelligent optimization engine and built on the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Field Service allows you to know who to send to your field teams with the right skills, to the right place, at the right time. 

If I have information for my products or assets stored in my ERP or another 3rd party system, how can I ensure that information is recognized as part of my field service operations management?

Since Salesforce Field Service is built on the core Salesforce platform - it allows your team to take advantage of open APIs to connect with your backend solutions in a multitude of ways, whether that be point to point or through a middleware solution. At NeuraFlash we have a dedicated Salesforce Integration Practice that specializes in connecting your backend or 3rd solutions with the Salesforce platform. We also have expertise in both Mulesoft, Boomi and other middleware options to help guide you on the right approach for your organization.

I want to move off of my current Field Service Management solution - where do I start?

Start with NeuraFlash! No matter if you’re moving off of a homegrown solution, from legacy ClickSoftware, or ServiceMax, our team has experts who have worked with and helped field organizations migrate off of their existing field service solution. As we begin our project together, our field service experts will hone in on not just how your current system works for you today but also the why behind your current processes. From there, we can understand how to improve both hand in hand to exceed your KPIs for your service organization. 

How does Salesforce Field Service work with my current Salesforce solutions?

Salesforce Field Service sits on the core Salesforce platform, making it compatible in many ways with probably some of your existing Salesforce solutions (such as Service Cloud and Sales Cloud). This is what creates that 360 degree view of the customer. And while we know Field Service is an integral part of your service organization - we also know it’s not the only aspect we need to understand in order to correctly architect and build scalable Salesforce solutions. As such, we have experts across the platform (think Salesforce Service Cloud and contact centers or Revenue Cloud and order management) to help tie together all of your business processes with your existing or soon to be Salesforce solutions.

More Questions? We've got answers.