Mr. John’s Latest Focus: Perfecting the Customer Experience

After a major surge in organic growth, Mr. John was scaling quickly and found that their processes were disjointed, unaligned and that they lacked the visibility they once had.
Mr. John’s Latest Focus: Perfecting the Customer Experience

About the company

Founded in 1964

70+ employees 

Mr. John offers a wide range of products including portable toilets, restroom trailers, office trailers, storage containers, and ground-level office containers. They focus on providing exceptional customer service across each of their diverse product lines. 

Over the past year, Mr. John invested in digital transformation to enhance all experiences

Family-owned Mr. John, a Pittsburgh-based business services company, has always been committed to providing the best customer service possible. After a major surge in organic, rapid growth, they started their search for a technology platform that could grow as rapidly as they were so that they could provide strong customer and employee experiences. Their large array of products and services results in a large number of needs from their customers which includes: recurring services, seasonal service requests, and one-time service options. Mr. John is committed to going above and beyond, all while increasing efficiencies within their own company! 

Customer Challenge

After a major surge in organic growth, Mr. John was scaling quickly and found that their processes were disjointed, unaligned and that they lacked the visibility they once had. Their current platforms, RouteOptix and Excel, proved not to be scalable after their explosive growth. Additionally, they were experiencing inefficiencies within their field operations teams, including truck routes that were being mapped manually on google maps which, on average, took about forty-five minutes. 

Mr. John’s quoting speed was a direct barrier to their deal close rates and revenue. Due to their three disparate business processes, they were struggling with a complex quoting process. Overall, they were finding that they needed to unify their processes to gain additional customer insights, quote faster, and identify clear, measurable KPIs.

After years of passively searching for a solution, we decided to make new software a priority in 2018. We evaluated different options from inside and outside our industry, sat through numerous demos, and after countless discussions we realized our company needed a complete digital transformation.” -Mr. John, Press Release

A Complete Sales to Service Transformation

The partnership between Mr. John and NeuraFlash began in August 2020. Our goal was to increase efficiencies across their entire business, from point of sale to continued service. With plans for an entire digital transformation, NeuraFlash, Salesforce, and Mr. John took the first step together by investing in their field operations team by implementing Salesforce Field Service!

Release 1: Migrate and Automate: Sales CloudService Cloud, Salesforce Field Service 

  1. Sales Reps have visibility into whether or not this is a new or existing customer
  2. Sales Reps can create the work order in Salesforce Field Service to ensure optimal routes for techs
  3. A technician is dispatched based on SFS Logic 
  4. Upon completion of the job, Techs utilize the SFS Mobile App to ensure proper maintenance of assets
  5. A Maintenance Plan is auto-created in Salesforce and will auto-generate a new work order based contract

After a successful Release 1 that handled over 1,000 service appointments in a single day, Mr. John gained a 360-degree view of all of their customers, resources, and services to optimize their complex billing processes. 

Release 2: Selling Smarter with Subscription products: Revenue Cloud, CPQ & Billing

  1. Reps check in on the mobile app 
  2. Using Conga, an invoice and contract record are connected to Salesforce billing
  3. Invoice is sent every 28 days via the customer's preferred method (PDF or email) 
  4. If email is the preferred method, emails are automatically sent with invoice creation
  5. captures the credit card and recurring billing occurs every 28 days
“As of 6 pm EST July 19th, 2021, Mr. John is officially “Live” on the Salesforce Platform for Sales, Billing, and Field Service. Our system is designed to give customers a great buying experience, and faster, smarter service!” -Mr. John, Press Release


By partnering with NeuraFlash, Mr. John: 

  • Implemented three Salesforce Clouds to unify data and processes 
  • Supported 1000+ service appointments 
  • Reduced time spent on manual, inefficient activities 
  • Converted a higher percentage of quote requests to sales
  • Standardize products and pricing to ensure consistency across their sales team
  • Allows for a better-streamlined quote-to-order and invoicing process for simplified revenue recognition capabilities
“We chose Salesforce to be at the center of this process because like us, they believe that digital transformation begins and ends with the customer.” - Mr. John, Press Release

Providing best-in-class customer service has always been a priority for Mr. John. By rolling out two phases, Mr. John was able to connect their field service instance to their CPQ, successfully taking full advantage of automation capabilities to increase their efficiencies, quote faster, and to standardize processes across the company.

By investing in Salesforce, they are not only increasing the efficiency of their processes to provide better customer service, but they are providing their internal employees with tools that make their day-to-day jobs easier! 

Why NeuraFlash

Our expertise from point of sale to point of service gives us the tools and knowledge to implement solutions that unify multiple systems, processes, and teams, while successfully incorporating AI technology. We put the human experience at the center of every interaction, so businesses can provide exceptional interactions with their customers at all interaction points. When you are ready for your digital transformation, get in touch with us!

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