Field Service Lightning Capabilities

Leverage truth based operational insights to ensure the right manager, dispatcher, or mobile employees with the right skills gets there at the right time to foster exceptional customer experience and individual user experience .
Scheduling & Optimization
Best Practices, Deep FSL Expertise and Experience

NeuraFlash has a field service team with a deep understanding and experience with the Salesforce Service Cloud. We implement optimal scheduling and solutions across our customer base including but not limited to the following use cases:
Professional Services
Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Resource Management and Capacity Planning
Advanced understanding of all Scheduling and Optimization Inputs, Best Practices, and Gotchas
Leverage NeuraFlash’s FSL expertise and experience to:
Maximize your investment in Salesforce's Field Service Lightning features
Minimize time to Production Go Live
Avoid common FSL mistakes causing downstream initial implementation impacts
Resource Management
Manage Resource Utilization, Efficiency and Capacity within Salesforce's Field Service lighting Management Platform
Visualize and intuitively track Resource Schedules using smart scheduling for service appointments
Integrate service appointment Schedules and Absences with Outlook or Google
Track Time Spent, Estimated Duration vs Actual Duration, Resource Commission and Pay Structure with Salesforce
Asset Management
Leverage NeuraFlash’s expertise and best practices enabling our Customers to:
Track Service reports, Service Level Agreements, and Warranties within Salesforce
Track Serialized Products, contracts, Equipment Health, and Preventative Maintenance Activities
Utilize information and helpful knowledge articles for quick "How To's" for employees on the job

Utilize FSL and set up the Salesforce Platform to track key metrics in real time such as:
Equipment Health and Maintenance Compliance

Service Costs and Revenue

Mean time to failure, Mean time to repair
Couple Asset Management with Inventory Management and Transactions within the Salesforce Field Service Lightning Platform
Inventory Management and Control
Leverage NeuraFlash’s expertise and best practices enabling our Customers to:
Build seamless, 2 way integrations between Salesforce and your ERP System
Utilize Field Service Lightning to track Inventory Movements, Warehouse and Van Stock, Purchase and Return Orders all within the life cycle
Gain visibility into Inventory Levels and enable your mobile workforce with the ability to validate, replenish or consume inventory from the offline first FSL Mobile Application
Define Locations to track work orders at the Tech or Warehouse level
Automatically decrement and update stock inventory levels
Field Service Lightning Mobile
Leverage NeuraFlash’s expertise in extending the fsl Mobile App Capabilities to enable your Technicians with an intuitive, tailored, offline first Mobile Application
Unleash and leverage all of the FSL Mobile App Capabilities with NeuraFlash’s track record and expertise:
Customized Individual User Experience

Enterprise-Ready, Offline First Mobile Application

Track and monitor job management work orders, mobile workers, mobile devices, field technicians, dispatching travel time, Geolocation, Street Level Routing, Knowledge Articles, Inventory, Quoting, Orders and Payment Processing directly from the FSL Mobile App
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