Einstein Bot Insights Package

The only way to understand how your bot is performing

Feature Highlights:
Identify your best and worst performing flows
Understand bot performance based on topic and channel
Conversational Analytics
Einstein Bot Insights Package
The only way to understand how your bot is performing
Our analytics let you measure your bots performance to understand ROI and make informed decisions on future enhancements

Understanding how your bot performs on your website and for your customers is important. Today, the Einstein Bot does not come with reports or dashboards to help track bot performance or measure data against success criteria. As analytic experts, we recognized this gap and built the Einstein Bot Insights Package. This package provides robust logging and a set of detailed reports for any Einstein Chatbot. These reports can be used to provide insight into your chatbot's performance including key opportunities for optimization based on success criteria. For service,  it can track metrics such as case deflection, and average handle time reduction, as well as performance metrics such as channel shifts. For sales, it can track metrics like leads created, leads turned to opportunities, revenue from the bot, and monitor popular products.

Full Feature List:
  • Understand the conversation topics your bot is having
  • Breakdown metrics by channel and topic
  • Identify the best and worst performing flows
  • Measure Service metrics around handle time and deflection
  • Measure sales metrics like leads collected and revenue generated by the bot
  • Understand your bot in the context of overall contact performance
  • Available for Einstein Analytics and Standard Reports
  • Built for Salesforce Einstein Bots