The Google Bot

A Salesforce Chatbot

Feature Highlights:
The only HIPAA Compliant Chatbot on Salesforce
Powered by Google Dialogflow and natively integrated into Salesforce
Supports over 25 different languages
The Google Bot
A Salesforce Chatbot
Our bots increase engagement, gather info, and answer questions seamlessly alongside your existing team!

Google Bot expands what you can do with a Chatbot natively integrated to the Salesforce platform.  The direct integration to Salesforce makes it easy to Increase deflection and create Cases, open new Leads, Integrate with Salesforce Knowledge, and seamlessly handoff to Live Agent.  Google Bot is the only Chatbot on Salesforce that is HIPAA compliant and supports over 25 languages, with easy migrations into and out of Einstein.

Full Feature List:
  • Powered by Google DialogFlow
  • Natively integrated into Salesforce
  • The only HIPPA Compliant chatbot for Salesforce
  • 25+ languages available with Google DialogFlow
  • Proactive Capabilities: Serve the bot based on activities, profiles, etc.
  • Digital channels, proactively offer automation across your brand's channel
  • Real Time Escalation to a Live Agent via Salesforce chat or message
  • A conversational option for Sales, Service, or internal use cases