Salesforce Einstein Solutions

A.I. for CRM makes your Platform smarter

NeuraFlash’s AI team is comprised of data scientists that are experts in the design, training, implementation, and optimization of applications for Salesforce Einstein. By working with Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we are able to deliver Salesforce Einstein solutions that provide intelligent, personalized and predictive applications.

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Extensive A.I.
Domain Experience

With over a decade of experience in the space, NeuraFlash helps you understand how to best use Artificial Intelligence to positively impact sales, customer experience, self-service and employee productivity. We can help you implement the most intelligent Salesforce Einstein solutions.

Differentiate your
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Customer experience is the #1 competitive differentiator for companies. Utilizing Sales, Wave Analytics and Service Cloud Einstein®, NeuraFlash is helping companies enable intelligent sales engagement and service for a fundamental competitive differentiator. Some service benefit examples – Sentiment Analysis, Predictive Question Answering, Improve Case Time Resolution, Faster Case Classification, and Improved Case Closure Times.

Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein®
& NeuraFlash’s Solutions – What a great opportunity!

“Next Best Offer/Action”

Provide compelling offers powered by Salesforce Einstein (PredictionIO) to upsell customers. Propose “Next Best Action” to improve consistency, deflect cases, increase revenue and make employees more productive. By tracking and utilizing data from user engagement, we can guide employees on how to serve customers better. Our A.I. based solutions for Service Cloud Einstein® enable sales and service agents to address issues quickly while providing a personalized experience.

“Recommended Answer”

Provide answers assertively. Our partner’s A.I. + Human solution recommends real-time recommended answers to questions across all digital channels, ensuring swift response time to provide the best support. As some communication with customers is being automated, live agents can focus their attention on more complex cases.

“Conversational ChatBots”

Our ChatBots, powered by A.I. and Salesforce, allow for intelligent automation across digital channels, using knowledge and Machine Learning to better assist your customers and employees. This guarantees your team can predict which issues are most urgent, how to route appropriately, and the time to fix such issues, helping you boost your team’s productivity and improve the customer experience.

“Email to Case Classification”

Leveraging our partner DigitalGenius’ A.I. technology (AppExchange Partner), we are able to automate email case classification. Once the NLP/ML training model is implemented by NeuraFlash, the solution will scan through e-mails to find the case subject, sentiment, issue to pre-fill case in Service Cloud® and route through Omni-Channel to the appropriate rep. We can even provide automate answers that are personalized and data driven.