Salesforce Live Agent Implementation

Revolutionize customer service

It’s a no-brainer to turn on Intelligent Web Chat with Salesforce Live Agent® as part of your sales and service strategy. NeuraFlash has extensive experience deploying Live Agent®, including adding the power of A.I. to drive automation with ChatBots and Einstein®. We’ll make sure your Live Agent Implementation truly enhances the way you engage with your customers.

Intelligent Web Chat with
Salesforce Live Agent®

Our Intelligent Web Chat solution combines the power of NeuraFlash’s “Sales Chat Targeting Engine” with Salesforce’s Live Agent capabilities.Customers now receive the full benefit from Salesforce web chat to be both a sales-focused channel, as well as a customer service channel.

Increase in Chat Engagement with
Proactive “Targeting Engine”

Increase the rate of proactive chat invitation acceptance by utilizing different parameters for pop-up offers, including:
Customer actions by web/mobile visitors, such as clicked pages, pictures/videos, time on section of page, and previous actions
Geo Location
Customer Profile (if you have data)

Prioritization of website visitor leads

Determine with which website visitor you should communicate to maximize case deflection and revenue opportunity. Engage the most promising leads first, then route to best agents

Improved Queuing and Chat Staffing

Make sure your customers get an improved experience while maximizing your contact team’s productivity by optimizing queuing and routing. Effectively manage your sales and service live chat representatives with skills-based routing.

Engagement Tracking

Thanks to NeuraFlash’s Live Agent Implementation offering, you can now track and analyze what chat invitations are accepted or rejected to submit more intelligent future invitations.

Intelligent Chat Engine

The Intelligent Chat Engine receive useful data from website actions and also access data in Salesforce. Based on that data, the decision who and when to engage is made, according to parameters your business determines. The components are deployed in Salesforce Heroku (or other hosting platform) and in your Salesforce Org.

Other Innovative Technology add-ons in deploying Salesforce Web Chat:

• Conversational ChatBot: Interact first with customers with A.I.-based “Conversational Robot”– qualify, collect data, and route to appropriate sales rep
• Promote “Next Best Offer and Action” in Salesforce Console powered by Einstein® (A.I.)
• Implement Human+AI™ to power “Recommended Answer” using DigitalGenius