Salesforce LiveMessage Implementation

Advance Your Business Messaging Strategy

Invest in digital channels with Salesforce and NeuraFlash to keep current with your customers. Customers want to communicate with you on their channel of choice including 2-way SMS and mobile messaging. It’s all about being mobile and engaging “in the moment”. These digital channels provide a great customer experience, while increasing sales and employee productivity.

Mobile Messaging Made Easy within Salesforce Service Cloud®

2-way SMS powered by LiveMessage®

Who wants to call anymore when you can send a text or a mobile message? And you can now fully embrace Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms as a channel of choice. The solution is fully integrated with the Salesforce console to allow true “In the Moment” two-way messaging with customers. Boost your customer service experience by implementing Salesforce LiveMessage®.

For your sales and service agents, it’s a very productive channel using the intuitive design for messaging within the Salesforce console. The average agent can handle 3-6 customer conversations compared to a single phone call, driving incredible savings in your contact center. An added business bonus is the improvement of 1st contact resolution, as the data stays resident on the customer’s phone, avoiding new cases. Salesforce SMS is also an extremely effective complementary channel to others such as voice for follow-up engagement. From an outreach perspective, the LiveMessage® solution brings 50% or more higher engagement than other channels.

Unmatched expertise

Since the NeuraFlash team was also part of the leadership team at HeyWire (acquired by Salesforce), we have unmatched expertise on the SMS and Mobile Messaging channels, as well as on LiveMessage Implementations. We offer Mobile Messaging roadmaps to help companies build business cases by defining the right use cases.

We also offer low-cost pilots scaling to full deployments including enhancing the channel with automation with Conversational ChatBots powered by A.I. Feel free to give us a call for a free discovery session.