Take Instant Action with Salesforce Predictive Analytics

Harness the power of Analytics Cloud Einstein®

The right predictive analytics and applications strategy—namely using Salesforce Wave Analytics® combined with A.I. and Machine Learning capabilities from BeyondCore —can dramatically improve your team’s productivity and transform insights into optimal business outcomes for your customers. Use the full power of your Salesforce data.

Solutions & Services NeuraFlash offers for
Salesforce Analytics Cloud Implementations

Jump Start with Sales Wave or Service Wave Apps

We configure apps to meet your business needs and expand dashboards to customize your workflows & processes. We can plug in data from your telephone providers such as Avaya, Genesys, Cisco and Interactive Intelligence to give you a complete view of what’s going on your contact center.

Wave Platform Enablement &

In partnership with your business team, NeuraFlash’s Business Analysts and other executives work through your requirements, understanding the metrics on which you want to report, building a solid design for dashboards in an iterative fashion, and implementing them on the Salesforce Analytics Cloud®.

Full-fledged Integrated Solutions with Wave Analytics

We provide a full-scale, integrated Analytics solution by combining on our deep analytics knowledge with other platforms and technologies. We collect data from other sources like ERP, accounting, and contact centers, and integrate it with Salesforce data to share on the Wave Analytics Platform.

Add predictive contexts to extend your existing Salesforce Analytics Implementation

Augment human expertise and intelligence

• Enhance business decision-making and visualize prediction outcomes with customized Wave Analytics dashboards.
• Provide context around prediction to help employees leverage knowledge and data

Automate experiences and actions

• Deliver relevant content driven by predictions, whether by an Agent or during Automated customer service conversations.
• Use in-the-moment context to shape customer conversations and journeys by predicting “next best” actions and responses.

Discover and offer new products and services

• Explore data and predict areas of business gaps with predictive analytics for Salesforce.
• Prototype new products and services and predict their potential impact based on current offerings and identify how to drive sales and revenue.

How do you get started?

Want to Improve Customer Experiences with your Salesforce CRM implementation?

Start with a single customer touchpoint and ask: what information could I predict to make their experience better?

For example, what is the likelihood a customer is reaching out about a very specific topic (order not received, issue with product, need to change reservation, etc..), and how should the experience become more refined and personalized?

Want to Drive Business Outcomes?

Begin with an outcome in mind, such as, how can we improve early customer retention rates?

For example, what is the likelihood of a customer to return a recently purchased product? And what retention or nurturing strategies are most effective?